ClickFunnels Review: Improve Your Experience with Sales Funnels in 2023

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Want to create highly optimized landing pages or sales funnels? Clickfunnels offers an all-in-one hosted solution to create highly optimized landing pages and sales funnels. It is a powerful tool that is full of features and functionality to promote, sell, and deliver products and services. However, ClickFunnels charges a hefty amount. So, does it worth the penny you invest in it? Let’s know it with this Clickfunnels review.

ClickFunnels Review

ClickFunnels Review: A Sneak Peak about it

Since its inception in 2014, ClickFunnel is revolutionizing the marketing industry. In simple terms, ClickFunnels makes it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their stuff online using the technology known as sales funnels.

A sales funnel or marketing funnel is a process to turn people into customers. It comes with a series of steps designed to guide website visitors to the checkout page. In a brick and mortar shop, people walk into the shop. Sometimes they don’t get enough exposure to the items in the store or can’t find where the accountant is and they leave the store without spending much time- this is where marketing funnels work. The funnel works step-by-step and appeals to customers with the principles of psychology and ends up leading the visitors to the payment page.

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, who has also worked for email marketing and started mastering the sales funnels. When ClickFunnels helped Brunson and the team to create funnels more quickly for different ventures, they realized how their creation would be useful to a lot of marketers.

ClickFunnels Review: Pros and Cons at a Glance

While talking about pros, ClickFunnels benefits you with time and the energy of the digital marketers and keeps them from using an array of third-party applications.

  • It becomes easy to create your account, where you can put up your content and start taking payments.
  • With drag and drop builder, it becomes easy to duplicate the pages, which can save templates to use later.
  • With the A/B testing feature, you can create duplicate pages and make changes respectively for each and look for the amount of traffic for each version.
  • ClickFunnels also handles API integrations pretty well. The payment processors and email autoresponders are easy to manage here.
  • WordPress plugins in ClickFunnels let you add ClickFunnels pages to the WordPress website, which lessens the hassle of working between WordPress and ClickFunnels.

While talking about cons, users found it overpriced, lack of proper customer service, software bugs, etc. But as there is a whole lot of features, you can consider it as another investment in your business. In short, you must agree with this review that ClickFunnels is not perfect, but it does a great job as a package of great features together.

ClickFunnels Review: How much is the Pricing?

ClickFunnels has two pricing plans

  • One is the standard plan ($97/month) and
  • The second one is the Platinum plan ($297/month)

You will also get a 14-day free trial to try out the service. All the users must know that ClickFunnels main service is to make funnels more efficient. There is a ClickFunnels discount on 6 months of Platinum (+bonuses) for only $1,997.

There is the main difference between an entry level account and a premium account, where the standard account holder will get the main service of funnel builder, with some limitations on the number of pages, visits, custom domains, and only some from the full list of features.

ClickFunnels Review: Overview of the Features?

You might be curious to know how ClickFunnels works overall. Well, all the ClickFunnels features will give you a good amount of control, and the integration management and template editor are good examples of them. Apart from that, split testing does a great job to show you traffic percentage per page and test conversion rates very handily. Even, there are a few types of available pre-made funnels for different business types and you can build your own funnel from the scratch too. Well, here are the features of the ClickFunnels described below-


ClickFunnels is an all-in-one hosting solution that can host all of your landing and sales funnels for you. As part of the service, ClickFunnels takes care of all the security and maintenance issue, which makes sure that all the pages load quickly suffering minimum downtime.

Predefined Sales Funnels:

As a landing page builder, ClickFunnels offers a number of predefined sales funnels. People from different industries work with them as per their goal they have been created to achieve. Sales funnels are used to generate leads, sell a product, and create an event.


ClickFunnels has a library of premium and free landing page templates, from where you can select the one you require. These landing pages are fully optimized, which ensures conversion by engaging you with your users and help you to achieve the goals.

Drag and Drop Editor:

With this feature, creating sales funnels have become easy with a drag and drop editor. Moreover, you won’t need to touch the line of code. So, even if you are new to web design, you can quickly be able to produce professional and stylish sales funnels.

ClickFunnels Editor:

With the editor feature, you can do the following to ensure that you can create stunning and highly converting sales funnels.

Content Blocks:

With this feature, you can select any from the variety of content blocks, which can be easily dragged and dropped onto the sales funnels. The content blocks include the FAQ section, timer, pricing table, progress bar, and much more.


You can add video, images, and audio to your sales funnel. Either you can upload an image of your choice or you can search for a stock image from the ClickFunnels library or from IconFinder, Pixabay, or Unsplash. These all you can do without leaving the editor. Moreover, videos can be embedded from Vimeo, YouTube, and Wistia.


From the Google fonts, you can choose anyone for your content and headlines. Later you can alter the color, change the size, and do more with them.


With this feature, you can select background images, colors, or videos for your sales funnels.


Advanced form types are available within the editor, in which you can find SMS sign-up form, survey form, billing address forms, and shipping form.


You can add popups to your sales funnels and can select where to display them or set them to appear according to the exit page of the visitors.

Social media:

You can display social share buttons, Facebook comments, or sign up button anywhere on your sales funnels. The style of the button can also be changed according to your branding effort.


With this feature, you can add metadata to your funnels, which can include keywords, description, title, and more. Later you can view your search engine snippet.

Custom CSS:

Are you confident with coding? If yes, then you can add your own custom CSS styles to your page.


Want to increase sales? You can promote your product using a multi-stage sales funnel, with which you can showcase your products, boost the sale, and generate interest for your brand. Both the digital and physical products you can sell with ClickFunnels, which can be integrated with shipstation, as well as an e-commerce fulfillment center. It will take care of all the time-consuming shipping and packing efforts. It is also possible to integrate payment gateways like PayPalAuthorize.NetClickBankStripe, and infusionsoft with ClickFunnels.

Backpack Affiliate Program:

It is an impressive tool offered by ClickFunnels using a backpack affiliate program to sell your products both digitally and physically. It will drive the traffic to your site by designing your own custom affiliate plans, different types of affiliates, two-tiered affiliate program, manage affiliate and payments, and monitor affiliate analytics.

Membership Site Functionality:

The ClickFunnels membership lets you sell access to your membership site or to the premium content areas. It works right from promoting your site to demonstrating the top content and explaining why users need it to subscribe to your channel.

ClickFunnels offers fully functional membership funnels and landing page templates to increase sign-ups to your site. Alternatively, you can build a custom membership funnel from scratch using a blank template.


You can create webinar funnels to grow your brand, sell your products, and spread awareness about your brand and services. Run your webinar either using the services like GoToWebinar or Zoom. You can then use the event funnel to customize the registration process and increase attendance. Moreover, there you will get the chance of a pre-recorded webinar that ClickFunnels can play on-demand. It will automatically run the whole webinar process for you.

Email Services:

Popular email responders like Aweber, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and many more can be integrated with ClickFunnels. Moreover, its own marketing automation platform actionetics will be available on the Etison Suite Plan. It integrates seamlessly with your sales funnels and let you interact online over the ClickFunnels dashboard.

Analytic and Split Testing:

To ensure maximum conversions, ClickFunnels encourages users to split test funnels. With A/B testing, you will understand what works and what doesn’t. All the elements of a funnel can be split tested, which include pages, headlines, images and videos, copy, and buttons.

ClickFunnels will automatically track your funnels’ analytics and will give you up to date stats to show how a page is performing. It will show you page views, metrics over time, conversion rates, user behavior, and comparisons between funnels. Monitoring your analytics will help you to understand what your customers are responding to. Accordingly, you can plan the changes and improvements for your future channels.

Support and documentation:

To support the users ClickFunnels offers impressive support in the form of an extensive knowledge base. It comes in an organized manner and lets you find the support documentation you need.

ClickFunnels also has its community over the website and Facebook to help users to connect and discuss their problems and queries. There is also an active YouTube channel, which is full of informative videos that help users to know about your services and products better.

ClickFunnels Alternative


GrooveFunnels is one of the best free alternative to ClickFunnels. Also, they are competitors to each other. With Groovefunnels you will get email marketing, funnel builder, sales tool, CRM tool, landing page builder, webinars, and more at a fraction of the price.

GrooveFunnels benefits:

GrooveFunnels have two plan. One is Free and another is Platinum. In Platinum plan, you will get

  • One-time fee for lifetime access to all the GrooveApps.
  • Get up to 40% affiliate commission
  • Can be a member of a responsive and helpful community
  • The platinum plan is affordable compared to other players in the market.
  • It has a wide range of features to fulfill the needs of experienced and newbies marketers.
  • Get access to GrooveAcademy, which is a great learning resource.

ClickFunnels Review: Final Words

Lastly, I must add that ClickFunnels is an impressive tool that could potentially make a big impact on any business. No matter what your business goals are, ClickFunnels can help you with a full lot of tools, functionality, and features.

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