CloudFunnels Review: Smart Sales Funnel Builder in 2023

Welcome to my CloudFunnels Review!

In a calculation, it has been observed that 80% of a business’s revenue is generated from only 20% of its customers. Therefore if you can pour more loyal customers in the feel, the more are the chances of routing to the bottom.

When it comes to a business, you must know that having a sales funnel can become absolute bliss. It has a massive role to play in finding and improving the customer base for your business. This is because when a business has the sales funnel prepared, it can become a lot helpful in improving the sales count at an enormous rate.

When you have a sales funnel in place, it has a significant impact on the way it can convert your potential customers to become a conversion. When you keep moving down in your funnel, you actually improve the purchase rate.

CloudFunnels Review

Therefore, when it comes to improving the profits and sales, you have to build effective and optimized methods. And what can be more beneficial than having CloudFunnels? But if you don’t have much idea about it, you can have a look at this to grasp the details.

CloudFunnels Review: What is It?

This is the all-in-one platform that enables building sales funnels. With the help of this funnel, you will be able to improve your online business. With this platform, you will observe building a sales funnel has become a lot easier. The best part of this platform is that you don’t require additional hosting for this. Besides, creating landing pages, websites, and membership sites for selling products has become easy.

Included with several other tools and applications in this platform, CloudFunnels becomes a great assistant for you. So, if you are willing to enhance your online business system using different kinds of marketing scenarios that can attract customers and convert them into sales, you definitely need to know in detail how it works.

CloudFunnels Review: Why do you need it?

CloudFunnels is the all-in-one and advanced funnel builder that helps you to customize the funnels, webinar, opt-in funnel simply by using a drag and drop. You can also make the SMS and email list using the automated features. The best thing about CloudFunnels is that you can host it anywhere you wish.

Let us find some intriguing features of CloudFunnels:

  • You can host this funnel software on your server
  • You can use the features included in it to fulfill your purpose
  • You can build funnels for free
  • Great analytics included
  • You can get readymade templates that can be modified
  • It is 100% secured

CloudFunnels Review: Top 7 Benefits to Choose

With the range of benefits that this funnel builder can offer, CloudsFunnel has become one of the most common choices among people. No doubt that they have ended; fewer advantages and some of them include:

  • Install anywhere: This is the first one that needs to be mentioned because of being exceptionally unique. This means you can install it on Google clouds, servers, or anywhere you wish.
  • No one can take your funnels down: Being one of the most common issues, you are likely to experience this. This can leave you hanging. Thankfully with CloudFunnels, you will not experience this as you can install this on your own server.
  • Nobody can hack your funnels: If you are thinking that just because the funnel builder name is quickly available, anyone can discover it and hack it, then you are wrong. You can stay assured because of the increased security system.
  • Create any kind of funnel & site: With CloudFunnels, you can build any kind of funnel and AMP sites for your businesses. AMP sites are a need as it ensures fast loading and offers unmatched customer experience. Besides, keeping the easy drag and drop features makes it easy for anyone to create their own funnel as per their business needs.
  • Readymade funnel templates: You can get benefitted from 15+ readymade templates available in this funnel builder. Even when you have the least knowledge of funnel building, this software makes it exceptionally seamless.
  • Create membership areas: This is one of the added advantages of working with CloudFunnels. With 100% control on the products and members, it can become way better for businesses. Besides, the membership system can be a lot advantageous for any business.
  • Easy to use, WYSIWYG Page Builder: CloudFunnels is one of the best page builders that enables easy editing and modification of the page without any issues. You can add the graphics, apply any style, and add the opt-in page easily. This doesn’t take much but all it needs clicking and changing,

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CloudFunnels Review: Feature and their Benefits

There are many features included in the CloudFunnels that make it beneficial for any business. You can use it for your businesses as the features are absolutely amazing. Have a look at some of their distinguishing features.

  • Easy To use: This funnel-building software is truly a great piece as anyone can use this software. With less learning curve, you can build the funnel as easily as it can be to improve your business growth in the online world.
  • Customized sales funnel: With the many features included in this funnel builder, you get the ability to create and customize the funnels as per your needs and requirements.
  • Drag and Drop feature: You can now easily complete this process with the drag and drop option. This way creating the marketing funnels becomes easier even when you have the least technical experience of creating a sales funnel.
  • In-build Autoresponder: if you are looking forward to regular sales, no doubt you will need to create the buyer and the opt-in lost. This can only be possible with CloudFunnels with the robust email marketing feature included in it.
  • Acquire business insights: You can now easily monitor businesses with the powerful analytical tool. This can help you to find the loops and where you are going wrong. You must know that your ROI can grow only when you keep track of the sales and with the analytics, in CloudFunnels you will be able to do that seamlessly.
  • Very easy to run: No doubt that we all look for easy funnel builders. Thankfully, CloudFunnels offer a feature that enables easy use just like you use WordPress. This powerful funnel builder has a simple use.
  • Support the renowned gateways: CloudFunnels has been created to become a great choice for everyone. The native support offered for the crucial gateways like, PayPal, and marketplaces like Warriorplus and much more can become easier for you. This gives customers the added access to the membership accounts.
  • On-Page SEO: The integration of exceptional features like on-page SEO, AMO, mobile responsive pages, as well as fast caching helps you to grab the first place quicker with this. You can make conversions and grab a huge amount of organic traffic.
  • Split & A/B Testing: you can now improve the conversions with the split testing features. Now you can compare the traffic and decide on the one that converts faster. This software enables you to get the right data that can help in business expansion.
  • Supports Zapier: This funnel builder has taken care of everything that is required for powerful marketing. Making use of zapier, now you can integrate zapier to make sure of instant data transfer.
  • Multi-user support: if you have a team you can access the team. You can stay assured that your designer will not mess with the products. You can create as many sub-users as you wish. You can also decide the designation that you wish to give each person.

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CloudFunnels Review: What makes different from its Competitors?

CloudFunnels is a great funnel builder that will completely change the way you see funnels. This amazing software not only can create funnels pretty easily, but also you don’t have to keep paying for the funnels. Yes, all you need is to make one-time payments, and then you can enjoy the endless advantages.

The best part of CloudFunnels is that this is one of the most powerful funnel builders that you have experienced. You will love the way it makes it easy for you to create one.

  • You can create sales funnel, webinars, corporate websites, and opt-in funnels
  • You can follow a successful email marketing
  • You can take advantage of the membership management
  • You can install it on any hosting
  • You can create 100% mobile-optimized pages to improve the engagement
  • You can understand the marketing performance with the inbuilt robust analytic system

With the multiple features and benefits that this funnel builder can offer, it certainly outshines others on the list. However, if you are thinking if this is a good choice for you, then have a look at this,

CloudFunnels Review: Is it Suitable for You?

Well, now if you are in a dilemma whether this funnel-building software will become a good inclusion or not then have a look at this list.

You must know that all the business owners, marketers, freelancers, bloggers and everyone who is looking forward to improving the engagement can use this software, So here are some of them:

  • Email marketers
  • Webmaster or bloggers
  • Marketers and funnel builder
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers and agency owners
  • Digital marketers
  • Freelancers and agency owners

The above-mentioned are some of the professionals that can use this amazing funnel builder to enjoy the ultimate advantages that it can serve.

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CloudFunnels Review: What you can do with?

There is a lot that you can do with CloudFunnels. Here is a list:

  • You can create a funnel by choosing the type of funnel you want
  • You can build amazing pages using the CloudFunnels designer
  • You can create the virtual or physical goods and then sell them directly from the landing page
  • You have easily got the leads of buyers from the funnel on your lists
  • You can customize the membership as per the needs
  • You can spot the trend from the comprehensive analytics
  • You can take advantage of the Caching, AMP Pages, SEO optimization to enjoy better engagement
  • You can integrate major payment gateways

As mentioned that there are endless things that you can do with CloudFunnels, firstly you must have the knowledge on the way to create your sales funnel. So here is how you can make the sales funnel.

How to use CloudFunnels to create my first sales funnel?

Step 1:

Log in with your credentials and you will be visiting the main Dashboard

Step 2:

From the top left, you have to click on Funnels and Sites

Step 3:

When you click on Funnels and Sites, you will be redirected to a new page with an option “Create New”

Step 4:

Fill in the box with Funnel Name, Funnel Type, and you can get a generated funnel URL. When you are ready, you need to click on Create

Step 5:

Now you can customize the funnel by Choosing templates

Step 6:

Once the template is selected you have to click on “Edit Existing Page” where you will be brought to a page with a range of customizing options.

Step 7:

Once you have made the changes and you are happy, you have to click on “Save template”

Step 8:

Once you have saved it, you are ready to go. Your funnel is live.

Building a funnel is very simple with the use of CloudFunnels because of the range of features included in it. You can create any type of Funnel and edit them until you have got something you want.

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CloudFunnels Review: Pros and Cons

CloudFunnels is one of the top funnel builders that is known to have quality features. With this, you will be able to create multiple things that would improve the sales structure of your businesses.

If you have been waiting to know about the advantages and disadvantages of this funnel builder, then have a look at this section.

CloudFunnels Review Pros: What I Like

  • Create products easily
  • Creates funnels within minutes
  • Integrated with email automation
  • Great information analytics for the marketer
  • Compatible with GDPR
  • Help to get the leads by creating a list

CloudFunnels Review Cons: What I Don’t Like

  • There is nothing till now that I didn’t like about this funnel builder

CloudFunnels Review: Pricing

CloudFunnels has kept it very affordable for its users. Keeping straightforward pricing can become helpful for you to choose.

You can choose:

CloudFunnels Review: Elite Pricing

CloudFunnels Pricing
  • CloudFunnels Elite Monthly for $27
  • CloudFunnels Elite Yearly for $67

CloudFunnels Review: Pro Pricing

CloudFunnels Pro Pricing
  • CloudFunnels Pro Monthly for $47
  • CloudFunnels Pro Yearly for $97

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Why You Should Sign Up To CloudFunnels Now?

There is no doubt that CloudFunnels is a simple platform that lets you do endless things on the platform. You must not give up on the advantages of getting this amazing software at such a reasonable price.

Apart from that, there is no right time for businesses. When you have started a business, you must work to expand it, and what more can be valuable than CloudFunnels. Do you know why?

  • You can start getting leads for your business
  • You can start trying the new ideas
  • You can create funnels and do email automation within one app
  • You can customize your funnel and build it according to your needs
  • You can make profits at fewer investments

Save Time and Money with CloudFunnels:

With the range of templates included in the software, now you will be able to create funnels easily for your business. Led with features and advantages, using CloudFunnels for businesses can become a valuable choice.

Important FAQ about CloudFunnels

Do I need to keep paying every month?

A big NO! This is a tool that requires a one-time payment. You can get an upgrade for a year if you buy this software.

Where can I host it?

You must have known by now that CloudFunnels is the self-hosted funnel builder which gives you the permission to host it anywhere you wish. If you wish to use your own server, you can. This, in other words, means that you can use any hosting for this builder. You can also use Amazon Web service or Google Cloud Platform as well.

Can I use this for my clients?

Yes, CloudFunnels gives you permission for multiple users. However, you have to choose the Agency package for that.

Can I get support in case of any issues?

Absolutely Yes! They have an experienced team that is eligible to offer technical support. You can connect with them at any point in time to acquire a good resolution.

What can be a good alternative to CloudFunnels?

Well, yes there are some alternatives that we will talk about in the below section, but technically keeping the features and benefits in mind, CloudFunnels has no substitute.

Top 5 CloudFunnels Competitors & Alternatives in 2021

So now that you are looking for the best CloudFunnels alternatives, then here are some of them.



Unbounce is a known landing page builder known for its outstanding features. This builder is an easy-to-use platform, known for its power and flexibility. Whether you are a marketer who does not have much knowledge of coding or a developer or designer, this can be a good platform to build landing pages.

Although landing pages are their prime focus, they also offer a wide range of lead capturing tools as well. Since it is a WYSIWYG editor, it enables building pop-ups easily. Besides the community developed by this offers help with PPC, SEO, and design.

Unbounce Benefits:

  • Increase the conversion with a specific promotion landing page design
  • The data collected from Unbounce can be sent directly to other software used by the marketing team
  • You can use the drag and drop builder for making any changes seamlessly
  • You must have a designer to design the web pages, with Unbounce it is quick and easy
  • You can improve conversion
  • Check the stats to keep an eye on the conversions

Unbounce Pros & Cons:

Unbounce Pros:
  • Uses the easy to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Unmatched customer support
  • Huge community available for help
  • The effective lead capture tool
  • Mobile optimized editor
  • Deliver smart traffic
Unbounce Cons:
  • Drag and drop can become a bit problematic
  • Starting price can be expensive

Unbounce Pricing:

They have 4 different plans for the users:

  • Launch: $80/Month
  • Optimize: $120/Month
  • Accelerate: $200/Month
  • Scale: $300/Month


ClickFunnels Banner

ClickFunnels is the agency that works with the agenda to cater to the needs of the businesses. This is the funnel builder for websites that are initially dedicated to building landing pages and also the other marketing functions.

The best part of this builder is that it can build the funnels and workflows better and faster compared to the developers. Hence, you will be able to test the new campaigns easily and quickly which will help to improve the revenue structure.

ClickFunnels Benefits:

  • You can build the landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, and webinars
  • You can take advantage of the A/B testing functionality
  • You have the SMS and email compatibility
  • You get the shopping cart integrated platform that helps to sell products
  • You can keep an eye on the analytics to find the details

ClickFunnels Pros & Cons:

ClickFunnels Pros:
  • It is easy to use
  • Availability of the Cookbook makes it easy for the people who are new to sales funnel building
  • You can enjoy the inbuilt email marketing tool
ClickFunnels Cons:
  • The templates might seem outdated

ClickFunnels Pricing:

You can choose from the comfortable pricing offered by ClickFunnels

  • Starter: $97/Month
  • Platinum: $297/Month
  • Twocommaclub: $2,497/Month


GrooveFunnels Banner

GrooveFunnels is the free funnel builder that claims to be the best. This tends to be an ideal choice for being the absolute best marketing tool. Everyone like bloggers, small businesses, course creators, and probably everyone who wants to sell their products, can enjoy it.

The builder can become beneficial to create online content. It has been included with a range of features that makes building sales funnels, pages, and websites much easier. Besides the offering of templates that you can work with through Groove Pages, it makes the entire process much simpler.

GrooveFunnels Benefits:

  • Create SEO optimized pages
  • It can be beneficial through the sales and marketing process
  • You can include the themes and plugins
  • It can become beneficial for businesses of all sizes and shapes

GrooveFunnels Pros & Cons:

GrooveFunnels Pros:
  • They keep adding new services and features
  • They are backed with a helpful and responsible community
  • The plans are pretty affordable
  • Loaded with a range of features that can suffice the needs of both experienced and novice marketers
GrooveFunnels Cons:
  • The total set is yet to be launched
  • It might take time to learn its use
  • Too many features can become a bit confusing for people

GrooveFunnels Pricing:

There are a lot of pricing structures offered by this tool that makes it easy to choose:

  • Base Plan: Free
  • Silver Plan: $99/Month
  • Gold Plan: $199/ Month
  • Platinum Plan: $299/Month


LeadPages Banner

Leadpages can be a great option for entrepreneurs who have just started their venue. This enables businesses to build a mobile-optimized website from scratch. This is an editor that uses the drag and drops feature along with has the features to build pop-ups and landing pages.

Even when the tool does not have email marketing functionality, the best part is that you can integrate marketing tools on your email. Besides, you can also gather unlimited leads but stay assured you will not be charged for it. It’s super easy and a great choice for businesses.

LeadPages Benefits:

  • Drag and drop editor for businesses
  • A/B testing is possible with the builder
  • Stores lead magnet files so that you don’t have to link them again
  • Inbuilt analytics to show the conversion rate and visitors
  • Saves you effort and money

LeadPages Pros & Cons:

LeadPages Pros:
  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving as it can quickly create the pages
  • Templates are beautifully designed
  • You can sort the templates using the conversion rate
  • You can integrate the popular tools
LeadPages Cons:
  • It is not that flexible compared to others
  • You might find it hard to find similar styling options
  • You might encounter bugs
  • User experience is not smooth

LeadPages Pricing:

Leadpages offers a range of choices when it comes to pricing:

  1. STANDARD: $25/month
  2. PRO: $49/month
  3. ADVANCED: $199/month


InstaPage Banner

Instapage is the landing page builder that is known for its impeccable features on the market these days. It lets you create professional and highly powerful landing pages.

You don’t need to have high-end coding or designing skills for creating pages with this builder. It has the features that one can expect from a great landing page builder. Starting from mobile-optimized pages to the drag and drop editor, this builder has kept the necessity in mind.

InstaPage Benefits:

  • You can create landing pages pretty quick and without facing any issues
  • You can build the email list in a very professional way
  • You can analyze the rate of conversion with this tool
  • You can enjoy the benefits of integrated with A/B testing

InstaPage Pros & Cons:

InstaPage Pros:
  • They offer amazing customer service
  • It has an intuitive and easy drag and drops feature
  • The tool is extremely simple and powerful
  • You can use over 100+ templates
  • It is time-saving
InstaPage Cons:
  • Switching to the mobile view can be a little bit of a problem
  • We have observed some bugs
  • The price is a bit on the higher side

InstaPage Pricing

You can enjoy the range of pricing options that have been provided. Some of these include:

  1. BASIC: $29/month
  2. PROFESSIONAL: $55/month
  3. PREMIUM: $127/month

Why Use a Sales Funnel builder?

For the business that wants to improve the conversion and leads, they need to maintain a flow. Sales funnels can be an appropriate choice as this is something that offers a complete picture of customers and their stages. The magic of marketing and finance is hooked on your capability to analyze the sales funnels.

When you learn to manage the sales funnel, you will start to understand the way of engagement with your potential group of audience in a rewarding way. To put it into simple words, you will be able to think from their perspective and reach before they come for you.

Sales funnel builder is the software that offers impressive solutions to help you follow the tactics into the right place. If you are thinking about making the right choice by looking for a sales funnel builder or not! Then trust me guys, you are taking the best step for your business.

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CloudFunnels Review Verdict:

So to end with, I would definitely recommend that CloudFunnels is a great choice. Whether you have a business or you are into hardcore promotion, this funnel builder is absolute bliss to your marketing approach. Besides, you don’t have to buy hosting!

As Paulo Coelho says, “Life is like a garden, you reap what you sow”

Keep sowing the seeds to reap the benefits when it’s mature. And that’s all for today! Go for it guys and take the best turn for your business!

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