CreateStudio Review: Best Doodle, 2D & 3D Video Animation Software

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Every video that you see on YouTube is easy to make one? Trust me when I say it is not. It is not as simple as it seems. Creating amazing videos not only requires brainstorming but also post-shooting it involves a lot of edits. Perhaps, you are here because you are looking for the best video animation software and nothing like CreateStudio can be the right solution.

With videos taking more numbers of eyes in the digital world, making video content is probably the first step for brands to encourage buyers.

Even the statistics are evidence of the above sentence, “In a research made by DreamGrow, they say that as per their research, they have found that 74% viewers who checked the video have bought the product.”

By now, you are convinced that video can be a great medium to fulfill your business purpose. However, if you are still wondering if CreateStudio can be a valuable addition, you might want to have a glimpse of the following section.

CreateStudio Review

CreateStudio Review: Overview

Product Name: CreateStudio
Vendor: Josh Ratta
Launch Date: 12-May-2020
Starting Price: $67
Recommendation: Highly recommended
Refund Policy: 30 days money-back guarantee
Niche: Video

CreateStudio Review: What is it?

CreateStudio is the advanced video animation software compatible with Windows and Mac provides flexibility to the designers or video-makers to edit their video with ease. This can be a great option for beginners. With this software, you can easily create and also edit the video giving creators the flexibility to create interactive and appealing video content.

This is an outstanding software included with a range of features like templates. Motion presets, increasing speed, and tons of others enables creators to create videos that would add value to their products.

Whether you are an individual or owner of an agency, Create Studio can be your ultimate choice. This custom animation software also a Doodle animation software can help you to create unique motion videos which include 2D & 3D animation videos, explainer videos, sales videos, doodles promotional videos, and a lot more that enables you to grow your channel faster than ever.

Who Can Use CreateStudio Video Making Software?

This video software has no restriction and no specific category as it can be the best buddy for eCom business owners to the freelancer and everyone who is willing to enjoy profits from their online business. Even if you have a personal brand and you want it to reach the eyes of millions or you are working on the clients’ project, this software is going to work like wonders.

Following are some names of the professionals who can be largely benefited from this video animation software.

  • Freelancers
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Digital Marketers
  • Web Design agencies
  • Small business owners
  • Content marketers
  • Website owners
  • eCommerce owners
  • Social media marketers
  • Anyone willing to create high quality videos

Take this as a thumb rule, marketers who are willing to make their name and acquire clients can use this video software to improve viewers. More numbers of viewers will lead to more conversion, thereby improving the return on investment.

CreateStudio Review: Benefits of Using

CreateStudio is the top video animation software that opens up unlimited opportunities for digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to make money from their online presence.

With multiple features included in this software, this revolutionary making can become a great inclusion for anyone. It is a timesaver and does not require you to have knowledge of video editing. The multiple features can edit any video in just a few clicks.

  • Great for beginner
  • Create any type and size of videos
  • No need to have knowledge of the backend as it can be done in few clicks and with simple drag and drop techniques

Benefits and Features of CreateStudio:

Easy Installation:

The best part of CreateStudio is this amazing software can be downloaded from Windows and Mac. The quick starter guide can become a great choice for the creators.

Unlimited Exports:

CreateStudio helps to create and export uncountable videos in your chosen resolution. Even if you are willing to create 4K videos, CreateStudio makes it possible.

Timeline Editor:

CreateStudio has the timeline editor features which include easy drag and drop quality that helps to edit videos without the need to be a pro editor.

Text To Speech:

The amazing features, which include the Text-to-Speech ability, ensure easy texting and do not require any software.

Text Typography:

You can create Kinetic text typography videos and a lot more using CreateStudio.

Animation Presets:

You can take advantage of the one-click animation presets that enable animating stories easily. You can create any story that you want to.

Animated Elements:

CreateStudio has the facility to make and export a wide number of videos in any resolution. No longer creating 4K videos will be a challenge as CreateStudio has great features.

Motion Builder:

This video animation software has a drag and drop feature, making use of pixels to build videos seamlessly.

Explainer videos:

You can create any type of explainer videos with a range of features like using animated characters and 20 text characters.

Green Screen:

If you want to include great background and make appealing videos, you can use the new and amazing green screen features. Until this software, making videos was never simpler than ever. You can edit videos, easily remove colors in the footage without the need for having editing skills, as everything happens with a click.

Uncountable Emojis:

If you are willing to make a video that will be storytelling along with has a social message, CreateStudio is here to offer the best features. The uncountable options of emojis available in this software enable easy reciprocation of your massage. Converting your message to people has become much simpler with this feature.

Unique Special Effects:

The many special effects like using gradients and quick video customization features enable creating any type of video in no time.

Readymade templates:

Boosting your video creation process is simpler than ever using the CreateStudio. The availability of 50 pre-made templates eradicates the need for designing.

SVG Compatibility:

CreateStudio is a creative video animation software that has the features of importing and animating SVG images that can help to adjust the colors.

With several functionalities like characters, screen editing, background, transitions, and Video FX, and a combination of others can make your appealing videos.

CreateStudio Review: Feature Updates

CreateStudio has always strived to surpass your requirements, and therefore, they have continuously worked on the software. Some of their recent updates that have added to the betterment of this extraordinary software include:

  • In July & August 2020, they released the Text & Glitch Effects: This feature enables you to animate paragraphs, worlds, and letters for creating any kind of dynamic animations.
  • In September 2020, they released Doodle Text Creator: This recent update in CreateStudio has improved its demand among the potential market. No more, you will require different software to create doodle animation and sketch videos as their new updates are created to fulfill your requirements.
  • In October 2020, they released the zoom and pan: This is another extraordinary update that enables giving the cool cinematic effects by panning and zooming. Therefore, now you can easily pay attention to the elements of the scene, thereby making great videos.

CreateStudio Review: Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect in the world. This software might seem great for some, while others might sometimes not feel the same. Eventually, I can say from my personal experience, CreateStudio is a worthy app. So, we will find out some of the major positives and negatives of this video animation software.

Pros of CreateStudio:

  • For advanced users and beginners
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simply creating animated videos
  • Does not demands having knowledge
  • 2D, 3D animated characters to improve your videos
  • High quality animated templates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Cons of Create Studio:

  • No color-changing options except for applicable for their inbuilt templates
  • Absence of shortcuts
  • Sometimes the app seems to have a problem with long videos
  • Unable to cut timeline clips

CreateStudio Review: Pricing

Now that you have made up here, you must be willing to proceed further and purchase this amazing animation software. The commercial license will cost you only $67 and you should be happy as it is a one-time payment.

The range of elements included in this package makes it a tempting deal compared to its alternatives. You can find out more when you check their website.

Irrespective of the plan that you are willing to choose, you must know that this video animation software comes with the 30 day money back guarantee. What can be a better deal than this?


The desktop software offers all the features to help you make amazing videos.


  • 100s pre-made templates
  • Access to characters and assets
  • Studiobuilder
  • 50+ new characters, assets, and other every month


This package includes:
  • Increase numbers of media assets
  • Access to millions of videos, audios, and images with Pixabay and Unsplash
  • Giphy integration

You can create anything and everything from your imagination with this pack along with the features.

If you are still thinking if this is going to be a great and profitable step, trust me, you can go for it. This video animation software has been trusted by experts and entrepreneurs.

CreateStudio Review: FAQ

CreateStudio Review: Alternatives to CreateStudio

Avatar Builder:

If you want to create attention-grabbing and mesmerizing videos in minutes, Avatar Builder can be a great inclusion. With this, you will be able to create and customize the videos on your own. This video creating software can be great for people who are looking forward to creating animated videos, educational videos, 3D explainer videos, YouTube videos, sales videos, presentations, and eCommerce. Loaded with the leading features, this software can be a great alternative.


In the world with increased need for videos, this video technology guarantees keeping you ahead of the competition. This is a cloud-based tool included with top-notch features which is not found in other similar apps. Beyond the 300 templates, membership, there are several other features included in it that enables creating sales, videos, explainer, whiteboard videos and other live action videos.

Filmora X:

Filmora X is a great video editing software and a good alternative to CreativeStudio enabling you to create videos straight from your imagination. Compatible with both MAC and Windows, this incredible and sturdy editing tool enables creating videos that can attract viewers.


I hope, after reading this CreateStudio Review, it must be clear how much I am fascinated by this video animation software. According to me, from the endless numbers of options in the market, this is a revolutionary choice.

You can simply check their pricing and buy a package and enjoy the benefits or you can choose the commercial package. I would definitely recommend you to go for this and don’t waste your money somewhere else.

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