FlexClip Review: Best Free Online Video Editor in 2023

Welcome to my FlexClip Review!

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a cloud-based online video making software with several tools to create videos and edit. This is such a platform that allows you to manage your projects, import and export your videos by selecting a thumbnail and create a storyboard.

FlexClip allows the business owners and marketers to create business related videos and presentations, cut the larger files and make them into smaller clips, and eventually export them in aspect ratio that suit social media standards throughout.

FlexClip Review

FlexClip is all about effortlessly creating videos, where you don’t need to be a pro to create slideshows, ads, vlogs, invitations, video essays, and promotional videos. With FlexClip you are good to go and create amazing videos.

FlexClip Benefits

This platform helps both skilled and unskilled video content creators for making company advertisements, business videos, and personal life videos. Here are the benefits of FlexClip discussed below:

No requirement of installation; can be accessed anywhere

Basically, you need to create a FlexClip account, log in to your account and it is ready to run. The most important benefit is that you can access the software from anywhere as it is cloud-based video software.

Easy to access – user friendly

FlexClip comes up with drag and drop interface which allows you to access easy features.

Can try FlexClip for free and easily upgradable anytime and anywhere

Unlike other software available in the market FlexClip comes with a free version with no hidden charges. In the free version, you just need to upgrade and you get access to all free versions of the professional software.

Various types of videos can be created

FlexClip offers you various types of videos include promotional, educational, corporate, explainer, real estate as well as tutorial videos.

FlexClip is more than a video editing tool

FlexClip comes up with various more tools to make your editing work look more magnificent. Such options include Voiceovers which help set the tone of the video, title graphics, and animations to add captions and send messages all across your video.

Presentation of FlexClip

FlexClip works basically on the server which operates smoothly without any issue. It just takes time to export your videos and a 30-second video takes a minimum of two minutes time to convert in full HD 1080p.

Premium customer service

FlexClip provides you with three ways to learn and enjoy the usage of the software. This majorly includes tutorials, frequently asked questions, and suggestions to send to their support development team.

FlexClip Features

FlexClip provides you the ability to create, convert, edit and compress videos instantly. Here are few features which FlexClip can provide you:

Video Editing tool

This video editing software provides you with various sections for specific editing purpose.

FlexClip video maker

In the software you can find various contents in FlexClip’s impressive media library. You can add various post production elements such as transitions, shapes, texts, and other special features and effects with a simple drag and drop and a single click control. There is a basic video manipulation that you can adjust the breeze since you can adjust the orientation, lightning and speed of it very easily with its super impressive slow and fast motion.

FlexClip video trimmer

With FlexClip software you can easily trim various parts of your video simply by dragging your cursor. This software allows you to be creative by just applying cross cut, smash cut, cutaway, parallel cut axial cut and jump cut.

FlexClip video merger

You can easily upload your videos or images, by putting in a single sequence and merge it.

FlexClip video converter

By FlexClip video enhancer you can customize the size of your video which fits your smartphones, computer screens, and tablets too. You can even increase or decrease your video resolution by using this tool. You can upload and export various video and image file formats, including M4V, MOV, WEBM, MP4, JPEG, WAV, and PNG.

Royalty-Free Library

FlexClip provides you with hundreds of videos, images, and music just for free which you can add to your storyboard. They are basically royalty-free which means you can add them to your advertising and marketing videos and earn profit from them without the fear of copyright.

Screen and Voice Recorder

FlexClip’s screen recorder is a perfect tool for demonstrating and creating instructional videos and activities. It works as a recorder and editor simultaneously, by filming and adding voice-over at the same time.

Motion Graphics

FlexClip helps you to include video choreography in just a click. FlexClip’s motion effects and controls make it possible to involve moving shapes, texts, and icons in the video. These in-built transition effects are suitable for video presentations and slideshows.

Ease of Use

FlexClip software’s overall navigation is instinctive, modern, smooth, and efficient. Searching for videos is way simpler than finding from templates, as the content library is sectioned into categories. It’s just an editor which takes less than a minute to master.

FlexClip Templates

In FlexClip software, the video editor helps you to choose from an already made video sequence with instant texts, transitions, images, video effects, and much more. Here the templates are categorized into different sections:

Personal Videos

FlexClip software helps you to compile your images and video clips in one memorable video of your birthdays, house parties, weddings or baby showers or any other life events of which you never think of going undocumented. So, FlexClip templates help in making travelogues as it is amazing photo slideshow software.

Business Video

FlexClip is an automatic video creating software that makes the video look professional pitches or video resumes. Business templates of FlexClip are filled with pertinent stock transitions and videos that are easily editable.

Social Media Video

FlexClip’s templates are appropriate for well-known social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, and others. So each of the social media handles requires optimal size and setting to fit in the video in a particular social media. Here the YouTube template includes pop-up ions, music, and transitions that most of the YouTubers use.


FlexClip provides with how to and what to tutorial videos and templates which are suitable for creating educational content. All you have to do is to put in your template and choose the footage you want in the setting to be necessary. These are created with digital on screen graphics focus your video more with icons, images and texts.

Marketing Video

FlexClip has amazing advertising and marketing templates. This software is the solution to any problem related while making any videos on promos, products, campaigning, or product launch. Such templates are also suitable for small business owners as well as freelancers who want to attract and grab potential and prospective customers.

Music Videos

FlexClip’s video templates even provide a quick solution for music videos. They even have customized templates for music and graphics, where you can upload your own tracks. This software even has text boxes that are pre sequenced in the storyboard, where you just need to change the texts.

FlexClip Free vs. Paid

Comparison between free and paid version is an essential section while reviewing FlexClip software. In case of other video editing software where you need to unlock more features with a particular subscription.

Before beginning with the comparisons, let me introduce you to its few similarities. Both paid and free versions of FlexClip have:

  • Cloud-based editing
  • A similar range of video templates
  • Easily downloadable window desktop software for editing offline
  • Relatable tools and special effects control

And here are some limitations in the free version which reimburse for paid version. They are:

Free VersionSubject of DifferencePaid Version
FlexClip free version support up to 12 projects per user.Project CountFlexClip paid version keep up to 1000 projects per users.
FlexClip free version, you can exports up to 480p SD videos.Video Quality OutputFlexClip paid version allow you to download up to 1080p full HD+ videos.
FlexClip free version, you can use only one stock video as per project.Stock Content AvailabilityFlexClip paid version you can use up to unlimited stock videos per project.
You can create videos up to 1 minute with FlexClip free version.Video LengthWith FlexClip paid version, you can create up to 30 minutes video.
In the free version of FlexClip, they provide FlexClip intro.BrandingIn the paid version of FlexClip, they don’t provide FlexClip intro.


Now you probably know that FlexClip video maker can be used for free. But it also offers three paid version of FlexClip. Here are the plans that you can consider:

Free Plan

It is free for every user who signed up for the software usage. You are able to download 480p SD videos, along which there are 12 projects, one stock video and one minute video length capacity.

Basic Plan

This version costs $4.99 monthly billed annually. This includes higher resolution videos, 50 projects, one-minute video length capacity, one stock video customized watermark, and no FlexClip intro.

Plus Plan

This is the most common plan used by most of the individual. It costs $7.99 monthly billed annually and $15.99/ annually. This version includes everything in basic and comes with 1080p video downloadable quality.

Business Plan

This plan costs $19.99 monthly billed annually and $29.99/ annually. This version includes everything in the plus plan, unlimited stock videos as per projects, 1000 projects online, and a video length of about 30 minutes capacity. Here the videos downloaded in 1080p HD+ resolution.

As compared with other video editing software, FlexClip’s pricing is a bit higher than others. But on the other hand annual plans are much cheaper options. FlexClip offers a seven day money back guarantee if you don’t like the software for all the subscription plans.

FlexClip Review – Verdict

FlexClip is an extraordinary video-making software that has its pros and cons just like other software.

Starting with its cons, FlexClip would be too simple for an editing expert. As it has a shortfall in the depth of professional video editing software just like Adobe Premiere or After Effects. But it is not appropriate for full-length films or documentaries since it has a limitation of video duration.

But in the case of freelancers, small business owners, and rookie editors, FlexClip is an amazing and working-friendly option for them to work on.

But if you are looking for a basic editing program, this software is the better option against other free video editors such as Window Movie Maker. Plenty of tools, easy templates and a large variety of royalty free contents are only available in this software. FlexClip is one of such online editing software where you have tons of photos, videos and music stored within its system. Every reviewers of FlexClip agree to the fact that this software has all its features at best.

I am sure that this software will surely improve in future and be a better version of video making and editing software.

Considering all the things, FlexClip is impressive video editing software which delivers pretty good results. After trying FlexClip myself, here I can surely say that it is flexible and elegant video creating software.

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