GrooveFunnels Review: All-In-One Sales Funnel Builder in 2023

GrooveFunnels is one of the latest and powerful Sales Funnel Builders that has been created for marketers who are willing to work smart and offer great results. Being packed with multiple tools together in one package, you can do multiple jobs from one place. This is probably one of the most outstanding software available in the market that can take away the headache of the marketers. Since managing funnels is totally a headache and tackles time, GrooveFunnels is definitely a great choice to perform and stay ahead of the competition.

So you must be thinking, why is there so much hype about this new sales funnel builder? What could be there to create such a huge buzz? What features is this builder offering that it is able to take away the headache?

Well, there are tons of questions that are probably going around your mind, but stick with us to find the details and answer all your questions.

Well, the simplest answer would be that this is software that can improve your business growth to an exponential extent.

Most people are in love with this software because this is one of those few software that guarantees running a successful business within it. This means no more marketers need to find different tools for different purposes as GrooveFunnels has it all in it.

GrooveFunnels Review

So now, you can create funnels, email marketing, conduct webinars, create websites, and manage the affiliates and everything in just one software – GrooveFunnels. What more can be valuable for a business owner when they have everything under one roof?

So let us have a look at the detailed review of GrooveFunnels that would help you to get a clear understanding of this software.

This review would not only help you get comprehensive knowledge of the software, but also it will tell you if it is the right addition for your business.

Let’s take a brief look at the history of GrooveFunnels:

History of GrooveFunnels:

Groove Funnels is probably the newest addition in the competitive market of sales funnel builders. This has therefore caught the massive attention of marketers due to its amazing features.

Despite being a very new addition to the market, GrooveFunnels is able to achieve more than 43,122+ members in their account. Since its commencement in 2020, this sales funnel builder has been taking the market by storm.

People are absolutely in love with the software. Therefore to help you get detailed knowledge of the software, let us have a look at the details.

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is the all-rounder tool that gives you the access to build the sales funnel, websites for selling your services and products, and creating landing pages. Therefore, this tool alone can create the online store, create affiliate pages, manage the sales, create affiliates, and much more. You get the efficacy to create the websites and funnels within a few minutes without the help of any technical personnel or designer.

Even when it can create a fantastic website and funnels, you would not require any professional help. This drag-and-drop featured sales funnel builder offers you the exceptional ability to create amazing funnels with ease.

These templates are created by the professional team of marketers in order to make them look great on the computer screen and other gadgets. This has made it easier for people to create their own sales funnel, landing pages, and websites just the way they want. With more than 30+ templates available in this software, now you can enjoy to an unimaginable extent.

The advent of GrooveFunnels has actually simplified the tasks of the users as people who are completely naive can work with it pretty easily. This is software for anyone and everyone from variable professional skills. It can make sure to get conversion from digital marketing pretty easily.

Due to all the features, GrooveFunnels has been getting quite a giant attention lately from marketers. However, if you are thinking about whether you can use this software, then here is a section that might be helpful for you.

Benefits of Choosing GrooveFunnels:

The term business might sound easy and simple but conducting and developing business requires tons of hard work and knowledge. Hence, leveraging the resources can be a beneficial choice for a great business. Therefore here we will look for the reason that clarified the advantages of GrooveFunels for businesses.

It is an amazing funnel builder and website sales page builder: GrooveFunnels is loaded with tons of features that let you create any type of website by just dragging and clicking the element of the page that you wish to add.

From building sales pages to branded websites, GroovePages is the last name that you would like to take when it comes to a website builder.

It is beyond just a page builder: GrooveFunnels is the all-rounder tool that offers you all the tools required for conducting online business.

With the shopping carts, autoresponder software, sales system, membership site, webinar application, inbuilt affiliate program, along with several other tools, now you can keep track of the schedule, keep a check on your customer and make effective video marketing. Well, these are just a few to name as the features can keep making a list.

It is solely created for the marketers: One of the most common issues faced by most of the tools is that even when they are great software, they are not made for average business owners or marketers. Keeping the constraints in mind, GrooveFunnels is created for one and all.

It can be used seamlessly by beginner marketers: This is no more a secret that developing websites by implementing advanced software can be very hard, especially for newbies. Even there are business owners who look for simple software to make sure that they are able to use it pretty easily.

Since they don’t have much time to learn the programming language and hire employees for running and managing the tools, simple software is what they usually look for. Fortunately, GrooveFunnels have been created bearing in mind the newbies yet offering professional results.

GrooveFunnels has become a name for one and all because of being exceptionally easy to function. It does not need any coding, designing skills, or programming yet can offer a professional class outcome. With professional features that can be functioned in an easy manner, GrooveFunnels can make it a lot simpler.

Customize Customer Care: When it is about software, chances are a lot higher that you will face some difficulties. The worst experience is when a customer is stuck somewhere, and they are not able to find the solution. When it is the GrooveFunnels, you need to know that you can acquire customized care. Therefore whenever you need help, you will always find help from them.

They have a highly active group with specialized knowledge in their genre. Since they are trained properly, with professional help, customers can find relevant answers or support to the queries. Their team is always ready to offer support to the customers.

Get support from the active community: GrooveFunnels is not only about the servicer and product, but they treat customers as their most valuable asset. Being a part of this software means you will be a part of an active community. The community holds some of the experienced and knowledgeable experts,

Being a part of this offers you the knowledge to learn the ways to build your online business. From entrepreneurs to markets, several professionals are here to help you.

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Features & Benefits of GrooveFunnels:

GrooveFunnels has been integrated with a range of features that can immediately improve the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy along with the marketing. There are several reasons that bring customers to this platform. Here are some of them:

  • You will get to use great unlimited products without paying a penny
  • Build a great brand website keeping the navigation in mind
  • You can enjoy the free customized domain
  • You will be benefited from the free hosting and bandwidth
  • You can get benefited from the amazing affiliate program
  • Integrated with the powerful and automated email marketing can become beneficial for your business
  • Groove members are offered with the optional membership platform
  • With GrooveVideo, now marketers can use the power of video and get more customers

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Who can Use This Software?

GrooveFunnels is software that guarantees to deliver the best result. Being one of the best marketing tools, it can become a lot helpful for bloggers, content marketers, small businesses, content creators, and probably anyone who needs to sell products.

GrooveFunnels Can be the Best Choice When:

  • You are into online marketing
  • You are unto creating content online
  • You have to sell and promote services or products
  • You are willing to run the member site
  • You require building landing pages and building funnels

GrooveFunnels is Definitely Not a Great Choice for You When:

  • You are already accustomed and comfortable with the tools like Kartra, ClickFunnels and not willing to change
  • You don’t have to sell any service or products
  • You don’t have time to learn a new tool
  • You are not looking for a complete package of digital marketing tool

Why Do You Need GrooveFunnels?

This is certainly one of the most chosen software in the market for a wide range of reasons. One of the most common is the amazing range of features included in their package. The prime reason for the features is to improve productivity and increase the effectiveness of the strategies.


This particular tool included in GrooveFunnels gives you the freedom to build websites, landing pages, and sales funnels.

It is included with some of the fantastic features which makes GroovePages a great inclusion:

  • Easy drag and drop
  • Customized domains, landing pages, and creation of unlimited funnels
  • Preset template for easy use
  • SEO friendly
  • Allows you to import the funnels
  • Included with Google Analytics
  • It comes with the wireframe blocks


This is another impeccable tool included in the software that becomes a great choice for people who have products to sell. You can sell anything, from digital products to physical to subscriptions and memberships.

  • You can include any price
  • It has been included with the order bumps like downsells and upsells
  • Creating checkout pages, creating forms, offering discounts, and embedding widgets becomes a lot easier
  • Add promotions pretty quick
  • You can add the coupons


This is another program included in the software that can be used by anyone. Becoming a part of this program can help you to earn 20% commissions for the people who signed up for you. This is one of the newest things added that can help the marketer to earn and grow.


GrooveFunnels also includes a CRM and email marketing solution for marketers. This offers you a chance to tag the subscribers, make voice and text broadcasting, automate the sequences, and several other features included in the software. You will definitely fall in love with this software.


This is another tool that offers users to create membership sites along with managing them. With the content management system included in the software, it lets you access the contents pretty easily.


If you are more into video content, this tool is the right inclusion for you. With this software, users will be able to upload the videos and then host them on the landing pages. This can catalyze the selling process and makes a great choice for marketers.


This is another tool in the software that offers you the chance to collect, categorize and contact the leads. However, you will not be able to get this feature of the free plan. This can be a huge inclusion for businesses when it comes to collecting leads.


When you might be underrating this feature, but quizzes are perhaps one of the easiest ways to grow the list of emails. This tool will let you develop quizzes and then include them in the funnel. This can also be used to create surveys and gather information about the targeted market.

Email cart Abandons:

You must know that almost a bug as 50% of the people leave the cart prior to completing the purchase they are making. This is why sending emails to them can become helpful in re-capturing their attention and making up for lost sales. Now with GrooveFunnels, you will be able to do it.

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What Makes GrooveFunnels A Lot Different From Its Competitors?

GrooveFunnels is certainly the one and only platform that is great for both affiliate marketers and sellers. Being a seller, this software offers you to sell products in no time. When you start implementing it in your process, you will find this platform to become your only weapon by making sales for your business.

If you are an affiliate and have nothing much to sell, you have it now. The affiliates offered by GrooveFunnels help you warm commission upon making sales.

Not only will you be provided with the GroovePages for free, but you can also sell for free. This software consists of GrooveSell that is a robust platform along with a great affiliate program. The amazing affiliate system included in it, along with the data and analytics, makes it the first choice for people.

Not only is it a great choice for the affiliate market, but also a great product. With GrooveSell, delivering content becomes a lot easier.

What else can you do with the GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is the platform that helps you to boost the business at an enormous level. This is a complete package that includes a range of services and products. This is not only a page builder included with a range of other things but also a full package for your business.

With the 16 most amazing apps included in this software, like GroovePages, you get the ability to create the funnels for anything and everything.

grooveFunnels can be a great choice for people who are looking forward to creating contents online along with the sales funnel builder and landing pages. If you have something that you would like to sell, definitely GrooveFunnels can be the best choice for you.

This all-in-one platform is built for everyone who wants to build funnels, landing pages, and websites. The numerous features make it possible.

Pros and Cons of GrooveFunnels:

GrooveFunnels Pros (Advantages) GrooveFunnels Cons (Disadvantages)
Uses the simple drag and drop featuresMake sure you are saving the work
Hosted on the cloud, which means no need for buying a separate hostingIt does not show you the way to improve sales and traffic
Create a free FrooveFunnels account without paying a pennySome marketing tools might not be free
You can get 20 to 40% commission with the GrooveFunnels affiliate programThe traffic analytics for the sales funnel is not available
One of the founders is the creator of Kartra.
Has the required apps that would help you to grow
Great payment options
You have the freedom to sell programs and build courses

GrooveFunnels Pricing:

GrooveFunnels offer two pricing structure as the GrooveApps in every plan:

  • FREE Lifetime
  • Platinum Lifetime $1397

If you check properly, then the grooveFunnels plan is way cheaper and reasonable compared to the other group of software with such features. Therefore if you are looking for an all-rounder platform, you can blindly choose this software and enjoy it.

GrooveFunnels Free Plan Vs Platinum Lifetime Plan

GrooveFunnels Free Plan Vs Platinum Lifetime Plan

GrooveFunnels Platinum VS Others Annual Subscription Costs

Website & Funnel BuilderGrooveFunnelsClickFunnels $3564/year
Shopping cartGrooveSellSamCart $2388/year
Affiliate ProgramGrooveAffiliateTapAffiliate $1788/year
Email AutomationGrooveMailActiveCampaign $2748/year
Membership CMSGrooveMemberKajabi $1908/year
Video HostingGrooveVideoVimeo $240/year
E-commerceGrooveKartShopify $948/year
Live WebinarsGrooveWebinar LIVEGoToWebinar $1188/year
Automation WebinarsGrooveWebinar AUTOEverWebinar $497/year
Live StreamingGrooveWebinar STREAMStreamYard $468/year
Help DeskGrooveDeskZenDesk $600/year
Booking & SchedulingGrooveCalendarCalendly $144/year
SurveysGrooveSurveyResponse Suite $828/year
Purchase PopupGrooveProofProvely $197/year
$1,397 One Time$17,506 Per Year
Each Year You Save Over $16,109!

Use GrooveFunnels and Save Over $16,1091/Year

Why Signup for GrooveFunnels?

  1. You can get many features in the free plan. You can access:
    • GroovePages
    • GrooveAffiliate, GrooveSell, and more 5 GrooveApps
  2. The affiliate program is pretty much convincing
  3. It has been backed with an active community
  4. The software is improving at a rapid level

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does GrooveFunnels offer free hosting?

Simple a big Yes! You can get free hosting even when you are using the free package. Therefore you can now host your website without paying a penny.

Do they offer Free SSL?

If you have an account in Cloudflare, you can choose to sync and get the free SSL certificate.

Is GrooveFunnels worth the Penny?

Without any doubt, GrooveFunnels can be a great choice for people. It is definitely worth the money. You can find so many features as mentioned above in just one software. You can get a funnel builder, video hosting platform, membership builder, email autoresponder, affiliate account – everything piled up in one platform.

Can I work with it as I am a novice?

Absolutely yes! Anyone can easily work with this software. It is built for everyone. The easy drag and drop feature enables you to create anything within minutes. You don’t have to have experience in coding, designing, or programming.

GrooveFunnels Alternatives:


When it comes to choosing a landing page builder throughout the glove, Unbounce is certainly the first one to hit our minds. For a person who is a part of the marketing industry or who is not tech-savvy, Unbounce is certainly the best choice for you.

The wide range of themes that is present in the software makes it one of the best choices for people. The array of themes ensures maximizing the visitor count within a very short time. You can customize pretty easily with this software and ensure a hassle-free operation.

Some of the most common features included in Unbounce are:

  • Enhance the page with pop-ups and sticky bars
  • Can be easily linked with various software including WordPress
  • There are more than 100 templates to choose from
  • Great support from the resources and experts

Unbounce Pros & Cons:

Unbounce Pros (Advantages)Unbounce Cons (Disadvantages)
Easy to install A/B testing toolIt is difficult to edit from mobile
Hassle-free and effective WYSIWYG editorSeveral options to choose from
Easy to use and learn development toolsStarting price is costly
Targeted contents in an exact manner
Mobile optimized landing pages
Exclusive range of templates


Making use of the LeadPages you can easily make an online presence. No matter if you are not into coding, this software will certainly make it easy. Making use of this software, you will be able to create and also collect leads. This, therefore, makes sure to help companies reach a definite height.

LeadPages is one of those very few names that ensure optimization and also the benefits. Even you can enjoy better business with the several payment options. It is one of the best alternatives to GrooveFunnels.

Some of the most common features included in LeadPages are:

  • 99% of uptime becomes helpful for customers
  • You can preview the changes from any device
  • It gives you a chance to optimize the landing pages
  • This can become helpful in mailing digital documents

LeadPages Pros & Cons

LeadPages Pros (Advantages)LeadPages Cons (Disadvantages)
Easy to use interfaceIt becomes difficult to locate the editing tools
Customizable features are includedNot much control is provided to the users
Useful analytics can be offeredNew features are not rolled out
You don’t require advanced knowledge for running and set pageNo customizable fonts
Easy drag and drop features


This is one of the most common tools used by the people for improving the conversions to a huge 400%. The customizable templates included in the software make it a great choice for a range of campaigns. You will be able to develop mobile pages that would enhance the browsing experience to a definite extent.

Loaded with a wide range of features, this software can become a great choice for people. You can try this software if you want to enjoy a great user experience.

Some of the most common features included in Instapage are:

  • Great on-page collaboration to ensure direct communication
  • Easily add and edit the pictures
  • Better browsing experience
  • Landing pages enable to create of mobile pages for a better experience

InstaPage Pros & Cons

InstaPage Pros (Advantages) InstaPage Cons (Disadvantages)
Wide range of templatesFonts cannot be creative
Great feedback systemLimited choices with page width
Easy editing featuresFont headers have restricted choices
Do not require being savvy
Create landing pages within minutes

Up To You:

I personally, being a user of GrooveFunnels, would like to say that GrooveFunnels is one of the best platforms for everyone. This software is not only a choice for affiliate marketers, but also businesses and marketers who want to create a sales funnel and improve the leads can use this amazing software to enjoy the multitude of advantages in their businesses.

This is one of the software that has everything within one platform. You can build your website, create sales funnels, and improve online businesses with this software. Every penny that you pay for this software is worth it. So without any second thought, just choose the software and enjoy the range of benefits.

Hopefully, you have got complete information about GrooveFunnels by now.

Thank you for making it up here. Don’t forget to comment if you like this post, and also, don’t forget to tell me if there is something that I am missing. I would be glad to hear from you.

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