HubSpot Review: Best CRM Software in 2023

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In today’s world, you will find a range of platforms available in the market that can be used by entrepreneurs to improve their business revenue and offer an edge over the competition. From the range of software that you can choose, HubSpot is one of those that ensure easy implementation yet great results. HubSpot has become one of the most commonly used platforms for marketers. But if you are still in a dilemma, this guide will become helpful in clearing your guide and helping you to make the right choice.

There is no denying that you will find a range of alternatives for HubSpot which can be used by the organizations for their benefits, but somehow HubSpot is the one that can offer the ultimate advantage. This comprehensive review includes a range of things that can tell you if this software is good for managing the marketing activities of the organization. Enjoy the review and find out if it is able to fulfill your business needs.

HubSpot Review

HubSpot Review: History of it

HubSpot is software that was created with the aim to help people. This was first thought by the graduate students at MIT back in 2004. The founders of this software are Dharmesh and Brain who came up with this amazing software after witnessing the major shift of people in their way of buying and shopping. Since no longer consumers are willing to tolerate the interruptive bids, this new software can be a great inclusion.

This is when a company took birth and has become a major solution for 121000+ customers in 120 countries across the world. This was founded on the inbound keeping in mind that people do not entertain interruption or get harassed by the salesperson. They want genuine help.

Nowadays, this inbound movement has become even better and it is one of the greatest choices for empowering businesses across the world. This will make sure that you will not get interrupted, get the focus in return, and offer help.

HubSpot Review: What is it?

HubSpot is one of the best and the most versatile marketing software platforms that become helpful for the business irrespective of their niche and size. It is efficient, measurable, and greatly successful for inbound marketing campaigns. To be more precise, this is one of the software that can become helpful in managing website analytics, blogging, email marketing, social media, and much more in one amazing package. From the marketing automation point of view, this is software that enables customers to create automated workflows and integrate them into their email campaigns.

HubSpot is a great space that helps users to learn inbound marketing and offer the training which is required to make complete use of the features. It offers the companies the option to combine the customer services, sales, and marketing efforts to make sure that all the departments work in collaboration in the different stages.

If you are completely into businesses or maybe into corporate sectors, making use of the content management system can be a valuable integration. Therefore just to make things clear and easy, HubSpot is a choice that enables businesses to grow and improve customer relationships to a definite extent.

Implementing the tool, you will be able to manage the development services, sales, and marketing without facing any kind of challenges. Moreover, this can also become helpful for the organization for maintaining the business presence and also for managing the details.

HubSpot Review: Who can use it?

Even when the HubSpot CRM consists of the necessary tools that are required for pleasing the businesses irrespective of their sizes, the prime focus is for the small to midsized companies. Since these companies are constantly in need of empowering the sales team and closing more deals, this CRM can be a lot beneficial for them.

The best part about HubSpot is that anyone and any team can use this software without having any background in computer science. The reasons that make the HubSpot CRM a great choice for the small and midsized companies in the range of free tools offered by them and the companies can utilize them for a length of time. Besides, you will also get various add-ons available on HubSpot CRM which makes this a cost-effective and real solution for the marketing teams.

Companies can use HubSpot CRM for performing a range of functions like:

  • Getting complete real-time visibility of the sales pipeline
  • Help the sales team with the tools available and allowing more closing without doing much hard work
  • Use the filter to find the arm leads that have the highest chances to convert

Why Do You Need HubSpot CRM?

The CRM solution offered by HubSpot is more than just being contact management. With this, you can actually say goodbye to the routine tasks and the spreadsheet. Thereby companies can now become more productive and improve the commission with the range of advantages that this software offers.

As it has been mentioned on the website, this particular tool takes only a few minutes to learn. Therefore, to be more precise, even when it is a great software that is absolutely user-friendly, it comes with a rich set of features.

Make use of the tools as it becomes easy to organize the deals into the pipelines. This way it becomes easy to create the tasks and get reminded of the crucial deadlines. Not only these, but you will also get benefited from the other features like tracking emails, meetings, and calls automatically. Even, you will be notified when a potential lead opens the email.

Even the sales leaders have to appreciate this HubSpot CRM. No more they have to worry if the team will be able to meet the deadlines. This is one of the amazing tools that shows the leaders about the sales pipelines in a layout that is extremely easy to use. You can also get comprehensive reports on individual performance and sales activity.

Marketers are mostly in love with HubSpot CRM as it can become a great choice to expand the databases and also nurture their leads. This tool has been included with the lead generation forms and the ad management features that are able to get qualified prospects. Moreover, this software is able to track the contacts and the software.

This tool has also been offered with the live chat tool so that the users will be able to connect with real-time customers. Apart from this, you will get the inbuilt mail features so that the marketers are able to distribute the messages easily to their current leads. This section of the software comprises the analytical components to offer you visibility about the landing pages or the emails that are offering the best in return.

Making use of the information, marketers can make a valuable decision for the company which will later add to the revenue. You can actually streamline the marketing efforts with this tool.

You can now organize easily and maintain customer relations within a single source. Therefore no more the users will need to check the piles of cards or start searching on LinkedIn. Entrepreneurs will be able to use the CRM of HubSpot for monitoring the website activity along with checking the future customers who have the probability of visiting the site.

This tool promises to be completely free of cost and never going to charge from the users. The only difference is that you will be limited to only 1000000 contacts. However, this can be a good amount for some businesses.

HubSpot Review: Advantages of Selecting HubSpot

An All-rounder Platform:

If you have experience working in different marketing roles, you must know that one of the most common challenges includes managing a range of platforms, tools, and systems that the organizations primarily use. HubSpot is one of those all-in-one platforms that simplify the marketing work within one platform.

Offer a complete thing that marketers require to keep focused on their task: When you are backed with an all-rounder tool, you will get everything that the digital marketers require.

It offers the marketers a CMS, social scheduling tools, email marketing tools, CRM, Ads tool, SEO tools, chat tool, complete analytics, and much more to ensure great marketing. Everything a marketer requires has been included in the marketing package.

The analytics are quite amazing:

There is no doubt that data-driven is one of the most chosen approaches by marketers. If you are more into data-driven marketing, analytics can be a great choice. No doubt that managing and interpreting data is not that easy, but with the use of HubSpot, this platform makes it pretty much easy to gather information.

Great SEO Features:

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most common and complicated processes. This requires a wide range of information. No denying that the results offered from a great CRM are absolutely great, but then again it will need a team of members.

In HubSpot CRM, you will be able to use a range of marketing tools that can help you find visibility in the search engines. Even when you might not get the benefits of an experienced SEO, the basics included in the CRM can be an absolute help.

You can find the basic tools in the HubSpot SEO. This will eventually become a lot helpful in tracking the keywords and improving the site ranking. Publishing SEO-friendly content can become helpful for you to ensure a better ranking.

Offers amazing support:

When you are making use of complex services and products, it is certain that you will get several issues. With a range of ways that you can access the support team of HubSpot, it can become easier for everyone to work. With HubSpot, it becomes easier for everyone to work and acquire support anytime.

A Friendly Community:

Inbound marketing is pretty much friendly. When you have a look at the website or start chatting with any member, you will immediately get the feeling of friendliness. All you need is to fire the email or the char and you will be able to enjoy it. This is a great community for conducting businesses and getting an understanding of the best inbound practices. You will be getting endless benefits.


HubSpot is definitely a great choice for people who want to enjoy a great user experience. With the amazing user interface which is equally appealing, it becomes very easy to navigate and user-friendly. As the inbound marketers, this tool aims to help the visitors by offering great content. With HubSpot, it becomes a lot easier to pay attention to the contents as the dashboards and the editors are easy to understand and operate.

Tons of 3rd-Party Integrations:

Making use of the API of HubSpot, several functionalities have been integrated to expand its usage. You can take a look at the complete list of integrations in HubSpot where you will find the integration included. This can be beneficial for the organization that makes use of the 3rd party systems and cannot think of performing without the tools.

Good choice for lead Reporting:

You can access the important data in the contacts. You have the freedom to find out the complete information regarding the interests of each and every contact. You will also be able to check the time they have spent on your website. This can be a lot beneficial to get a better understanding of the leads and take actions accordingly.

Readymade Marketing Funnel:

You will be able to create the account, place the contacts in a proper stage in the funnel, personalize, score them and then easily distribute the contents.

With such a huge range of advantages that you can reap off from this CRM tool, it becomes easy for marketers to get the results.

HubSpot Review: Features

The CRM of HubSpot has all the required features that become necessary for the company to maintain a great customer relationship. Irrespective of the role that you are taking, this tool can be a great choice. Irrespective of being in customer services, marketing, sales, or other responsible operation, the CRM of HubSpot can be a great choice.


  • You will get the customized deal dashboard where you will be able to check the sales pipeline
  • Keeping a track of the meeting schedules, emails, prospects, and the live chats
  • Integration with Outlook and Gmail and the email templates which can become helpful in communication and email the leads
  • Pipeline management, company insights, and an email notification will become helpful for you to remain on load top.
  • Updating customer deals and automatic logging in the sales activities
  • Immediate notification is sent to you as soon as the leads open your email or click the link or when they download something
  • You will be able to store almost 1 million company records and contacts
  • You can record sent emails, sales calls, tasks assigned, tasks scheduled with the CRM
  • Simplify the job of cold leads with the unique time


  • Amazing ad management features
  • Love chatbots that can easily connect with the real-time visitor
  • Easily capture the new leads with the landing pages and forms
  • Tracking and email marketing for blast or automatic emails
  • Important email metrics in real-time which includes click-through rates and open rates
  • Diverse email template library elaborately designed to help customers throughout the journey

Teams of Customer Service:

  • Instant customer support through the use of live chat tools
  • Availability of the ticketing system can become helpful in responding to customers
  • Team conversations and an email inbox can help to keep the conversations synchronized
  • Amazing email templates that can become helpful to improve your team efficiency
  • Improving the team response timing with the time to close reports

Operation Managers:

  • Easily connect with the existing software due to the presence of 3rd Party integration
  • Offer user-friendly tools to the sales team for a better result
  • A great reporting dashboard to monitor the sales
  • 200+ integration are available
  • In-built reporting to offer the matrices that you will care about

HubSpot Review: What makes it different from its competitors?

Living in today’s competitive scenario, most companies check for free service to improve the sales process and improve their productivity. In case you have a business and you are looking for something similar, HubSpot is definitely your partner.

The best part about the HubSpot is that it is entirely free does not have any restrictions or limitations and is a security tool. You can easily organize the important data for improving rates and leads. Besides, this CRM also offers assistance to help you improve the business and increase attention.

The comfortable features included in the tool can be easily used by the users. The setup does not take much time and also working with it becomes easy. Therefore it can reduce the time that it takes for warming a team and making them accustomed to the new tool.

Even this tool can be used by beginners for being extremely user-friendly in nature as it does not need any professional training. This is probably the biggest reason that makes companies choose this specific CRM tool.

If you bring comparison with the other tools based on the simplicity in using, the HubSpot CRM can be a great solution for everyone. Implementing this CRM tool can help you to effectively perform the activities like plating the information, adding contacts, calculating the value, and a lot more.

HubSpot Review: What else can you do with?

When it comes to the best CRM, HubSpot is perhaps one of the top names. This is one name that can be said to be a great choice for different purposes like Sales, Marketing, CMS, and Services. The best part is that all these come for free in the basic package of HubSpot.

Apart from the sales, HubSpot offers you the freedom to log in to the emails automatically, view the clicks or the open rates, and create a new contact and other activities. When made use of the marketing platform, organizations can streamline their sales and marketing efforts. No more there will be a loss of contacts or leads. These are the integrations that are suggested by users and HubSpot.

Free sales Tools:

  • Template for a sales email
  • Email and meeting scheduling
  • Conversation bots and live chats
  • Dashboard for deal pipeline
  • Dashboard for sales reporting

Free Marketing Tools:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Creating customer property
  • Segmenting contact lost
  • Dashboard for marketing reporting

Free Service Tools:

  • Live chat and conventional bots
  • Ticketing system
  • Email templates for customer support
  • Reports for customer support
  • Reports of time to close tickets

With a multitude of things that you can do from one tool, this can be beneficial for the customers. These are some of the features that have improved the demand for the tool. Therefore let us have a look at the pros and cons of the tool.

HubSpot Review: Pros and Cons

PROS (Advantages)CONS (Disadvantages)
The intuitive user interface makes it a user-friendly toolReporting capabilities are lacking
Contact data improves the marketing capabilitiesIn the top paid CRM, you will not find many advanced features
Enables segmenting list which becomes valuable for a better future outreachContact features duplication can be inaccurate at times
Get an overview of the opportunities with the deal pipeline dashboardMerge the contacts in case users fill the form from the saved devices
Endless features and great value for absolutely free of costExporting lists or data needs you to perform a range of steps
Easily manage the inbound salesPremium features can be a lot expensive
Helping the sales representatives with the choices of email templates to save their effort and time
Allows you to update the contact information
Details feed for each and every customer and contact
Range of integrations are available to make operations easier with the existing technologies

Hubspot Review: Pricing

Marketing Hub$50 to $3,200 Per MonthYou will get the advanced features that will enable you to turn the leads into your customers.
Features: Popup forms, A/B, and the list continue.
Sales Hub$50-$1,200 Per MonthThis can be a great choice for closing increased numbers of deals. Some of the features include deal stage automation, email marketing, call transcription, and a lot more.
Service Hub$50-$1,200 Per MonthThis can be a good choice for the business to offer great support to the customers and clients. Some of the advanced features include ticketing reports, custom reporting along a lot more.
CMS$300 Per MonthThis can be a great choice for handling the website presence. These features will ensure you launch the blogs, web pages, split test features, landing pages, and a lot more that has been added to the marketing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM is created exclusively for marketers. This is the free tool that offers help to the marketers to manage, organize, follow and close the leads. If you are looking for a great CRM that won’t cost you much but is free then HubSpot is definitely a great tool to consider.

How much does it cost to use the HubSpot CRM?

The best part of this tool is that it is absolutely free. You have to pay a big 0. Isn’t it amazing? This is one of those few tools that offer a plan that is Free forever. This is definitely hard to believe but the range of features offered by the tool will make you fall for it.

This is a scalable tool that will help you to grow your business. In case you are looking for great sales and marketing features, you will get tired of checking the add-ons of these tools. It can become a great choice to help your business evolve.

Is HubSpot the right choice for investment?

You can start making use of the HubSpot CRM along with the range of marketing tools but you don’t have to invest a penny at all. So is it worth the cost? Absolutely yes, because it doesn’t cost you anything.

If you have used all the features available in HubSpot for free and want to try more, you can pay the amount to use the premium features. With this tool, you get the chance of automating sales, lead generation, and marketing efforts without hurting your bank balance. This is one tool for a diverse range of work.

Does it work easily with Mailchimp?

This sounds like you are already making use of Mailchimp. Well, if you are then you are lucky that you have chosen a tool that offers you relief. HubSpot offers you the chance to integrate with Mailchimp and collect the leads to improve the marketing efforts.

Up To You:

If you have been in search of a great tool that is easy to use, can be integrated with the existing technologies, will not hurt your pocket, and offer tangible results, HubSpot CRM is your ultimate choice. This tool lets you use the features to improve your marketing efforts.

What are the top 3 Alternatives of HubSpot?

#1 EngageBay

I would like to keep EngageBay in the first spot when it is about offering an alternative to this amazing tool. This has been designed to offer tons of support to startups and small businesses. It is a great choice for improving sales and marketing. Some of the most common features of this CRM include:

  • Automation of email marketing
  • Marketing and sales CRM
  • Reporting
  • Live chat
  • Email sequencing
  • Webforms for lead capture
  • Scheduling appointment
  • Contact management
  • Complete customer action view
  • Templates of landing pages and email
  • Scoring and lead segmentation
  • Project management

This tool has categorized the services into different segments to make it easy for the customers to understand. Some of the most common ones are Sales Bay, Marketing Bay, and Service Bay. It has been trusted by a large number of companies across the world because of the ability that it comes with.

Advantages of EngageBay:

  • Just like HubSpot, most of the services don’t cost a penny. This is why it can be a great choice for small businesses and startups.
  • This is an all-rounder platform for the people to improve the marketing efforts
  • It comes with endless amazing features like the A/B testing, Drip campaigns, opt-in email, WordPress plugin and a lot more.
  • Offers complete report to the people which offer valuable insight of the company

#2 Active Campaigns:

Active campaign is another most amazing competitor of HubSpot. This is an automated marketing platform that is fully designed for the salesperson and marketers. This is another tool that again offers a wide range of features to ensure great outcomes for businesses.

  • Web Personalization
  • Live chat features
  • Custom social audience
  • Customer messaging
  • Templates
  • CRM
  • Marketing and email segmentation
  • Lead scoring
  • Website tracking
  • Machine learning
  • Automated marketing

Advantages of Active Campaign:

  • This tool offer business a one on one training, free mitigation and support that is free of cost
  • You will be able to include the technologies as you wish with 300 and more integration. This includes Shopify, Salesforce, Zapier, Facebook, ClickFunnels, Google analytics, and WordPress
  • It has the app for the iOS platforms

#3 GetResponse:

From the many popular alternatives available in the market, GetResponse is another one. This can be a great marketing software for small businesses. With the endless marketing solutions available in this tool like landing pages, autoresponders, conversion funnel, and webinar support. The features included in the tools are:

  • Auto Response messages have the drag and drop editors
  • Great control over timing
  • Webinar URLs are SSL encrypted with the use of password
  • Daily unlimited messages
  • Customizable URLs for webinars
  • Availability of the webinar apps for recording the webinars
  • Webinar analytics includes survey vote responses, conversions, time spend of the webinars and the viewers
  • Automatic communication with tagging and scoring
  • Visual workflows with the use of conditions, actions and filters
  • Visual workflow builder with the drag and drop facilities
  • Lead funnels, Webinars and sales funnels
  • Tracking the customer journey automatically

With such a huge range of features included, this can be the toughest competition of HubSpot.

Bottom Line:

Now that they have known the features and benefits of HubSpot, it can become easy for you to make the right choice.

Thank you for coming so far and reading with patience. Hopefully, here you have got the idea about HubSpot and what you can do with it. I would definitely recommend HubSpot because of the number of features that come with it.

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you are liking HubSpot for your business or not.

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