Top 5 InVideo Alternatives – Best Marketing Video Creator in 2023

We are in the 21st century and nothing like the videos are able to acquire business leads – even the traditional form of advertisements has limitations but not with the videos.

Videos have the potential to get most attention and can influence people to make their buying decisions. Therefore, if you are willing to create videos for your marketing or an explainer videos, undoubtedly, a good video editing software is a must.

Video creation is the most convenient way to create engagement, raise awareness and improve the sales. No doubt it’s a part of marketing, but the current digital world has given it a massive structure.

With some of the groundbreaking stats provided by the digital giants, it has made it pretty clear that businesses can take advantage of video to improve their ROI and sales – the most crucial part of businesses.

  • According to Hubspot, 78% of their viewers watch videos online each and every week and a huge 54% of people watch videos.
  • According to Google’s research, it has been observed that 6/10 people prefer watching videos instead of watching televisions.
  • According to YouTube, it states that each and every day viewers watch over a billion videos on their videos.

From the many video editing tools available in the market, InVideo is one of the top video editing tools that have the ability to fulfill your requirements.

What is Invideo?

InVideo is an online video editing tool that has the ability to customize hundreds of templates without including any watermark. You have the freedom to include the videos of high-resolution and easily edit them.

Real Time editing can be done along with offers tools for video editing, With the endless features included in this video editing, now you can easily make videos and enjoy the benefits of using them for your purpose.

Invideo Features

  • Templates: This video editing tool offers you a great feature of offering you more than 3,000 readymade templates. You can use these on your content and customize the video as you need. You also have the freedom to customize the templates.
  • Language Support: This video editing tool is made for all and therefore you can create a video as per your preferred language. It supports several languages for people from different parts of the world to create videos in their language.
  • Article to Video: This basic feature of this tool gives users to create videos from articles. Yes, all you need is to write and it can create a great video for your social media and users.
  • Media Library: This tool comes with a huge media library that includes royalty-free videos and music. There are more than three million media files available in this tool which offers you the freedom to create videos as you want.
  • Drag and Drop: You don’t have to move from one folder to another as the tool comes with the easy drag and drop feature. You can add more content, edit the aspects in videos to create astounding videos easily with this feature.
  • Social Sharing: With the social sharing buttons included in these tools, users can easily share videos on social media like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Text to Speech: This feature enables you to give a speech on the video. You can just give the world and this tool will convert it into a speech. With more than 20 female and male voices, you can choose the accent and tone you want.

Invideo Benefits

  • Template Library: This tool has an equipped template library that you can tweak to create videos as per your need using the simple drag and drop feature. You can create 15-second ads, brand videos, or even testimonials.
  • Royalty-free videos and images: This tool offers you the freedom to use royalty-free music and videos for engaging video content. Besides, adding such elements to your content improves the content and brand growth.
  • Auto text to video: This is a huge benefit for the video creators who are not willing to give their voice but want to make audible and informational content. It has the vices and accent that you can choose and just write to let the tool do its work.
  • Incredible support team: This video tool has a good support team that offers 24/7 services and also video tutorials that can help to get solutions to any issues.

Invideo Pricing

Invideo has monthly plan and yearly plan. In yearly plan you will save 6 months costs.

Yearly Plan

Watermark free videosEverything in free planEverything in free plan
3500+ Video Templates10 iStock media per month20 iStock media per month
3M+ Standard Media Library1M+ Premium Media1M+ Premium Media
Automated Text to Speech60 video exports per monthUnlimited video exports/month
15min video duration per video20 Remove background credits40 Remove background credits
Try Now for FreeTry 14 Days Free TrialTry 14 Days Free Trial

Monthly Plan

Watermark free videosEverything in free planEverything in free plan
3500+ Video Templates10 iStock media per month20 iStock media per month
3M+ Standard Media Library1M+ Premium Media1M+ Premium Media
Automated Text to Speech60 video exports per monthUnlimited video exports/month
15min video duration per video20 Remove background credits40 Remove background credits
Try Now for FreeTry 14 Days Free TrialTry 14 Days Free Trial

Invideo Pros & Cons:

The Pros:

  1. You can create videos in any languages
  2. Create ready-made videos on anything
  3. You can create the perfect video in just 5 minutes
  4. You don’t have to be an awesome video editor to use this tool
  5. Able to create colorful videos
  6. You can give voiceovers in any language
  7. Create great videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms
  8. You can use royalty-free music available in the huge music library

The Cons:

  1. Some voices sound very robotic
  2. You cannot switch templates as when you choose different templates, you have to start from the scratch
  3. Exporting can become time-consuming

Why go for Invideo Alternatives?

Invideo ALternatives

No doubt that InVideo is one of the best choices available in the market and there are some reasons that compel people to look for other InVideo alternatives.

Most of the time, we have limited time and when exporting takes a lot of time, it can become problematic for people. We don’t have time to really invest in exporting and which is one of the most common reasons why we look for alternatives.

Besies, there are times when we feel that changing the templates might make the video even more engaging. But in InVideo, you have to stretch making from scratch if you wish to change the template after the video is made. This can become a harassment for some users.

Being in the market with overwhelming choices of video editing tools, choosing can be a difficult task and therefore we are here to help you find out the best alternatives.

Let’s start the Invideo alternatives


CreateStudio is the best invideo alternatives and competitor.

It is a revolutionary tool in the world of video editing tools. This is the advanced 2D and 3D maker software along with also the doodle video maker launched in May 2020. With the enormous features included in this software, now the users can create any type of video.

It can be a great choice for the individuals or the agency owners who are willing to create unique motion videos to engage customers. With this unique software not only you can create but also edit and make engaging videos in a few minutes. If it comes to CreateStudio Vs InVideo, both have a similar set of features but CreateStudio is so far mostly chosen by marketers and small businesses.


  • CreateStudio is compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • The easy drag and drop feature enables editing videos within seconds
  • You can create and export an uncountable number of videos in your chosen resolution
  • The Text to Speech features enable giving audio without the need for downloading
  • You can create great videos for social media with the fun emojis
  • The green screen features enable adding colors and changing the background
  • Create the doodle videos with the easy doodle creator
  • The animated characters included enables creating engaging explainer videos


  • This is an easy to use and flexible platform that does not need any video making expertise
  • Enhance the videos with the animated 3D and 2D characters
  • The pre-built animated templates make video making seamless
  • Instantly create social media posts within sometime
  • It can be a great choice for the agencies featuring fill-team accessibility


Offeo is one of the invideo alternatives and competitors.

Offeo is the name of the online video animation tool that is created for the individuals and agencies willing to create engaging videos. With multiple features like an easy drag and drop system, Offeo makes it possible for anyone to create videos within minutes.

Whether it is a short promotional ad or an explainer video, you can easily create it in this software. Once you have created the video, you can share them easily on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest. If you talk about Offeo Vs InVideo, you can choose Offeo as per your requirements because of the large number of features.


  • It does not take much time to create an engaging video
  • You can create videos for any social platforms
  • You will be able to create videos in any language
  • This online tool supports logo animation to enhance the brand image
  • You can choose from the 300+ readymade templates for your video
  • This video animation tool comes with a music library of 1000+ music and videos
  • This online animation software offers the ability to remove image background


  • This is an easy to use and user-friendly online video maker
  • You can enjoy the cloud-based benefits
  • It comes with the 30 days money-back guarantee that helps you fathom its efficiency
  • It comes with email and chats support to get answers to the doubts and queries


VideoReel is the best invideo alternatives and competitor.

VideoReel is a short-video-making app that allows you to create amazing animated videos for ads and social media. As users do not have much time to spend on anything, the short video tends to become a great inclusion for them and gain attention.

With the multiple features of having 100+ templates in their catalog to edit the texts, VideoReel tends to become an ideal inclusion for the marketers who are looking forward to improving the business engagement. Coming to VideoReel Vs InVideo, both have great sets of features.


  • You can choose from the huge library of music, backgrounds, animations, etc for a unique creation
  • You can select video image on the background as moving images tends to acquire more attention
  • You can use the text to speech feature that comes in 50 different voices
  • You can choose from the millions of images
  • You can use fonts as per your requirements for an engaging video
  • You get access to 25intro and outro video templates
  • You can create videos and upload in YouTube
  • You can create and choose to preview and customize of needed before rendering and downloading


  • This is a cloud-based app which means you have nothing to download or install
  • You can easily edit and use the short videos
  • You can easily connect to a large number of social platforms
  • It can be a great choice for marketers who wants to create short videos


Animaker is one of the best invideo alternatives and competitors.

Animaker is the DIYanimation software that is generally used for education, marketing, personal videos, and businesses. The multiple features included in this web-based software enables creating engaging short videos for your purpose.

You can make use of the elements available in the software like the drag and drop and adding elements and plenty of others to create videos you wish. With its distinctive features, this video animation software facilitates the needs of people. If it is about Animaker Vs InVideo, you can go for Animaker as it is very easy to use.


  • It comes with a huge media library and social sharing buttons for easy sharing
  • This video animation software support HD resolution video
  • You can zoom, edit, record to create a great video
  • With the many transition, entry, and edit effects it becomes easy to create engaging videos
  • You can take advantage of the library with sound effects and voiceover
  • You can use the animated charts and map
  • It supports 50+ languages
  • The easy drag and drop features ensure creating videos with ease


  • This is an efficient and easy to use animation software that enables creating videos with ease
  • It has tools that have great audio features
  • It is cheaper compared to other software with equivalent features
  • It does not require you to have prior knowledge of video editing
  • It has a huge support team for quick response to inquiries


VideoMakerFx is one of the best invideo alternatives and competitors.

VideoMakerFX is again a great alternative and user-friendly software that enables the creation of engaging whiteboard animations and videos. This software helps to create amazing videos with seamless animation, customizable foons, and other instant scenes.

This is claimed as one of the top animation software that enables small businesses to create short videos that help to promote easily. With great features, this software is able to create some of the best videos that can immediately draw the attention of the audience. If you ask for VideoMakerFX Vs InVideo, you can go for the former because of its small size and great features.


  • You can include great audio on your videos with the royalty-free tracks
  • 240+ slides that have the ability to create different topics
  • A huge number of backgrounds and graphics that can be applied in just a few clicks
  • You can use the animation effects
  • This is a tiny software that does not take a lot of memory


  • You can express your ideas with the special effects
  • You can quickly render the videos and also enjoy the benefits of sound manipulation
  • You can create videos for any niche
  • This is an affordable software
  • This is compatible with both Mac and Windows

Final Verdict

No doubt that InVideo is fantastic, but in case you are looking for InVideo alternatives, these are some of the best names that can fulfill your requirements. These software are chosen and have been thoroughly used to comprehend the value.

I can certainly say that your purpose will surely get fulfilled with these InVideo alternatives. However, if you feel there are other names that will be able to operate similarly, you can write down in the comment section.

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