What is Landing Page Builder and Best Tool to Build a Landing Page

If you are into core marketing or working for your business marketing, you just realize the need for having the landing page building software. Landing pages can be very good compared to tools that, when developed properly, can work to improve the leads from the internet.

Since the landing pages can be customized with images, funnels, and forms, it can create a game-changing scenario. It landed in the market around 2011, and since then, it has become a common technique chosen by marketers.

Whether it is about promoting the offers like checklists, eBooks, special discounts, whitepapers, or just encouraging the visitors to subscribe, this can become a great way to draw their attention. However, building a landing page can be a struggle for many. Fortunately, the landing page builders have shown up with impressive features, and easy use has made it now a widely used technique.

Landing Page Builder

No wonder you will now be eager to know more about these landing page builders. We will move ahead to know more about them, but we will look at some basic things before that.

What Is A Landing Page?

The landing page can be said as the web page where customers can land on. However, in terms of marketing language, this is a standalone page. This is a lot different from the other pages on the website as it only serves a single purpose.

You can probably mention the landing page as something that is focused and created exclusively for customers. The landing page will help you make trade special offers, provide information about an upcoming deal, get information from clients, and a lot more.

A good landing page is known to do a convincing job for customers in whatever they have to offer. However, it all depends on the way you develop. However, you don’t have to stress much about it, as the landing page builders have made sure to ease the process.

What Is A Landing Page Builder?

Since you have designed a great website, it does not mean that you have done enough to draw customers’ attention and convert them into buyers. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile. When you are into product selling, you must know that it requires a story, imager, and other supporting information.

This is where the need for having a good landing page builder comes in. These are perhaps some of the simplest ways to create a stunning page. Some of the exciting features that enable easy use of the elements enable users to create a page just the way they want. Besides, the templates that they have to make them a practical choice for creating an impressive landing page.

Having a landing page builder can make the entire work easy, but before moving ahead to finding the top few, let us have a look at what makes landing pages a great choice.

Why Do You Need A Landing Page?

Landing pages are one of the most validating ways marketers use to improve SEO, drive traffic, and develop a brand. This is also considered as a part of the PPC. It has been seen that almost 68% of businesses make use of landing pages for lead generation, which can lead them to future conversions.

The landing page leads to improving the number of customers to the specific service or products that you are offering. This is because it encourages the customers to take some action which can create conversions and develop a solid customer base.

Previously it was a challenge for the business to design landing pages, but thankfully with the landing page creation tool, it has now become seamless and convenient.

Who Should Use The Landing Page?

A landing page is, of course, one of the best ways to improve the number of sales. However, not everyone needs it. In case you are trying to create a brand and sales count, this can be a valuable technique. Nevertheless, let us still find who requires a landing page?

This can be beneficial mostly for:

  • Marketers and entrepreneurs who are running the marketing campaigns
  • Entrepreneurs who are into selling high-end products
  • Product managers to get sales for products

To be simple, everyone who has something to offer can use the landing page to attract customers to their website and improve conversions.

Now that you have learned in detail about the landing page let us now have a look at the top landing page builders that you can choose to create your own landing page.

Top 7 tools that allow you to build a landing page

Creating a landing page is much of a task if you don’t have any prior knowledge. However, no more will you need to hire someone to create a landing page because of the software available.

So here, we will have a look at the best tools for a landing page that can create a fantastic landing page just the way you want.


Unbounce is the top landing page creation tool that makes it extremely easy to build pages, test the custom landing pages, sticky bars, and website popups. It has the efficiency to create landing pages that can improve the conversion rate to a huge extent and fast launching of campaigns.

This was probably the first software for building landing pages that made it easy for people to create fantastic landing pages. Irrespective of the projects and the niche, you can easily use it as a tool to create landing pages and optimize your marketing strategies.

Unbounce Benefits

  • Over 100 unique templates
  • Easy integration with WordPress
  • Popups can be included with the popular CRM, analytical tools, and email.
  • Include dynamic keywords for the SEM campaigns
  • Can add the popups and sticky headers on pages
  • AMP mobile pages
  • Clone the entire page and then edit it

Unbounce Pros and Cons

Unbounce Pros (Advantages):
  • Powerful and flexible editor
  • Include great template
  • Tocked with features
  • Unmatched A/B testing options
Unbounce Cons (Disadvantages):
  • Have slight learning curves
  • Not cheap
  • Beginners might find it hard

Why choose Unbounce as your landing page builder

Unbounce can be a great choice for marketers to reach their goals with the range of features included in it. Although endless reasons can be written, some really attention-grabbing are:

  • You can customize the landing page using a range of elements.
  • Both beginner and advanced level customization is available
  • Dynamic text replacements enable you to use more keywords on a landing page
  • Overlay CTA for more conversion
  • Most importantly, you get free trials


Leadpages is a builder that enables you to create campaigns for capturing leads, integrate them into the digital marketing tools, and convert more customers. From eCommerce to Facebook, you can integrate the software anywhere.

Besides, this software lets you fine-tune the campaigns to improve the impact. The software has been integrated with the tools that you need. You can stay focused on building a stunning page with the features included in it. Every item comes with options that you can use while editing and create something that will work. This can be the ultimate choice for businesses.

Leadpages Benefits

  • It consists of more than 150 different types of templates
  • No limit of mobile-responsive pages
  • It is compatible with 40+ tools
  • A/B testing
  • You can integrate it easily with WordPress
  • Easy capture of leads

Leadpages Pros and Cons

Leadpages Pros (Advantages):
  • Easy drag and drop facility
  • Popup boxes to improve conversion rates
  • Inbuilt on-page payments
  • Mobile-friendly landing pages
  • Facebook ad builder integrated
Leadpages Cons (Disadvantages):
  • Some features like email trigger and A/B testing are only available in higher plans
  • You will not be able to publish pages on your URL
  • The lowest pricing tier has little customer support

Why choose Leadpages as your landing page builder

There are many reasons to choose Leadpages over others, and one of the prime reasons is the unparalleled features included in it.

  • Inbuilt payment system for running stores
  • The themes are optimized for both tablets and mobiles, making it completely workable
  • SMS marketing abilities for improved leads


Instapage is a fantastic landing page builder that allows creating breathtaking mobile responsive landing pages. This is one of the best tools for landing pages that ensures ease of creating a landing page using it ensures no need for a developer. With tons of powerful features integrated into the builder, you can be able to make the best choices for your marketing requirements.

No wonder this tool is known for its unmatched power, but keeping it impressively simple enables you to work on it. With the easy drag and drop functionality included in the landing page builders can create perfect pages. Even when it is a bit on the expensive side, the tool ensures compensation for every penny with its features.

Instapage Benefits

  • You can get over 200 box templates for use
  • Facebook advertising, Google Analytics, and much more integration
  • Improved lead counts with the use of forms
  • In the higher plans, you get A/B testing and heatmaps
  • You can easily add custom codes
  • AMP

Instapage Pros and Cons

Instapage Pros (Advantages):
  • Drag and drop facility to ensure ease of use
  • Designs are absolutely pixel perfect
  • Can integrate the pages seamlessly with any other platforms
  • Create AMP landing pages
Instapage Cons (Disadvantages):
  • Plans can be quite expensive
  • Sone integrations are available only in higher and expensive plans

Why choose Instapage as your landing page builder

Instapage landing page creation tool is created with the features and functionalities that enable marketers to create landing pages that can ensure improved conversions.

  • It is very easy to use
  • You can move contents easily
  • Within a minute, you can make can pages
  • Readable analytics


GetResponse is an amazing landing page builder that lets you create mobile responsive and highly converting landing pages. Besides, it is also software that comes with webinar and marketing abilities.

This software model has its own sort of advantages and disadvantages. The positive side is that you can acquire different tools even when you are just paying for one. Besides, if you have been searching for a landing page builder that can be launched without any issues and with some outstanding capability, you can definitely choose GetResponse.

GetResponse Benefits

  • It comes with inbuilt analytics that proves highly beneficial for marketers
  • You can improve lead count with the lead forms
  • Easy integration of lead forms with this builder into the email platform
  • More than 1000 templates and photos available
  • A/B testing
  • You can do a whole lot of things like create webinars, email marketing, and of course, landing page
  • Easy integration of PayPal button

GetResponse Pros and Cons

GetResponse Pros (Advantages):
  • Access to a huge number of Shutterstock images
  • Integrated with a complete marketing tool
  • Easy integration of countdown timers for more conversions
GetResponse Cons (Disadvantages):
  • Enterprise plan can be expensive
  • Pricing based on contact

Why choose GetResponse as your landing page builder

GetResponse is more than just a landing page creation tool. You will be able to do endless things for marketing with this builder.

  • Creating landing pages is easy with the drag and drop functionality
  • Using the analytical feature can be a good choice to keep an eye on the performance


Clickfunnels has been built by integrating features that can easily meet the needs of people. It contains some of the features that most builders simply don’t think of including. The unique solution included in the builder allows you to set it up instantly.

Entrepreneurs who are into information, coaching, and lead generation can make great use of this amazing tool. People who are into long-term business can use this to enjoy more conversions. This enables minimizing work as ClickFunnels does everything pretty easily.

ClickFunnels Benefits

  • You can easily set up the funnels in the least time
  • It is flexible in nature with hassle-free editing
  • Integrating major emails can be done easily
  • Unlimited numbers of premade templates
  • A/B testing
  • SSL Certified

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons

ClickFunnels Pros (Advantages):
  • Free training is offered
  • Keep adding new and improved features
  • Free trails offered
  • Leverage multiple domains
  • Different kinds of pre-built funnels
ClickFunnels Cons (Disadvantages):
  • Customization ability is limited
  • It is pricier compared to the features

Why choose ClickFunnels as your landing page builder

ClickFunnels is undoubtedly a great choice for the people, and it is worth the penny. It has multiple features that can speed up the process of building landing pages.

  • Regardless of the website, anyone can use ClickFunnels to create landing pages
  • A great choice for marketers, entrepreneurs, designers, and anyone willing to expand their business


GrooveFunnels is a great choice as it has been packed with many tools together. Powerful and easy-to-use tools in this builder can arguably save a huge amount of time and headache. The all-rounder tool enables creating landing pages, sales funnel, and websites for selling services and products online.

This drag and drop landing page builder enables you to create anything with ease. The templates are professionally designed to make it look amazing on desktops and laptops. With the pre-built templates, you can create any professional landing pages in an unimaginable way. It allows users with any level of skill to create converting landing pages.

GrooveFunnels Benefits:

  • It consists of different elements like images, buttons, and content, along with offering assistance
  • Creates effective sales funnels easily
  • GrooveSell, which is used by GrooveFunnels, is used for assistance for selling

GrooveFunnels Pros and Cons

GrooveFunnels Pros (Advantages):
  • This is a tool that offers all-in-one functionalities
  • Create mobile-friendly and SEO friendly landing pages
  • It offers refund to clients
  • The fastest landing page creator
  • Active community for help
GrooveFunnels Cons (Disadvantages):
  • Bigs are found in the Beta version
  • Lots of polishing is required

Why choose GrooveFunnels as your landing page builder:

If you are looking forward to finding a landing page builder with more functionalities and tools, GrooveFunnels is the best choice.

  • You get a clean user interface along with a quick page editor
  • An all-in-one marketing tools to save your time and money
  • Payment gateways like PayCheck, Stripe, GroovePay, and PayPal is integrated


HubSpot is one of the best tools for a landing page that has a range of tools for salespeople and digital marketers. Being a landing page fan, you, of course, have made the right choice. The company describes itself as an effective platform for your marketing campaigns.

This consists of the enterprise marketing solution, which offers just the right kind of solution for making an impressive landing page. Whether you are working in a marketing agency and willing to impress your manager or maybe looking to do something great for your company, this is an amazing platform that can not only create landing pages but also do email marketing, CRM, and way more.

HubSpot Benefits

  • It has the ability to capture the leads keeping the format easy
  • An amazing content and blog creation tools
  • A/B testing
  • SEO and content strategy
  • From email marketing to CRM – they have everything that you will require for succeeding

HubSpot Pros and Cons

HubSpot Pros (Advantages):

  • You can access 13 perfectly designed templates along with hundreds of others from the marketplace of HubSpot
  • It is mobile optimized
  • You can easily personalize the pages
  • You can now integrate easily with the other powerful tools of HubSpot

HubSpot Cons (Disadvantages):

  • Higher plans can be expensive
  • Does not have AMP mobile pages

Why choose HubSpot as your landing page builder

There are endless reasons that make this builder one of the vital choices. Choosing this tool will offer you unmatched support.

  • You can easily create anything within minutes
  • You can move contents pretty easily
  • It consists of plugins, page design, and form creation

Which tool should you consider as your landing page builder?

From the many amazing tools, you can choose GrooveFunnels as the best landing page creation tool. Compared to many, this is the all-rounder platform that enables rapid development of landing pages which can encourage conversions.

This tool is created to assist you in saving both your time and money. This can optimize the income and encourage more customers. Not only is this a great landing page builder, but also it helps to create sales funnels that again become a lot helpful in the sales structure.

GrooveFunnels is created for entrepreneurs and marketers to create landing pages and includes other marketing techniques to construct something profitable.

Tips to create attention-grabbing landing page

By now, you have got a complete idea about the landing page builder and the best tools that you can use. However, if you are willing to create a successful landing page, make sur4e you are following these tips.

  • Make sure you are creating a clean and organized design for the landing page
  • Do not make it too much but keep a minimalist design with fewer distractions
  • Make use of a header section to showcase and highlight the offer
  • Make adequate use of trust signals as it creates a sense of trustworthy
  • Create a mobile-friendly page and design
  • Keep as short forms as you can
  • Create pages depending on your audience
  • Ensure that the landing page match the PPC ads

Landing Page Builder Final Verdict:

Every tool listed above is one of the best tools for landing page creation in the market. I have created the list upon personally using and doing comprehensive research on them. No denial that a landing page is perhaps one of the most rewarding ways. This guide will probably become helpful in making the right choice.

Whether you are running a small business or into a big organization, these tools can help you create a landing page the way you want. From entrepreneurs to marketers, these tools can be a lot of helpful. So make sure you are making the right choice of landing page creation tools per the needs.

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