One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Build Engaging Sales Funnel in 30 Days

Your coming to this page is a clear notification that you are looking in detail about the one funnel away challenge. No doubt that we know ClickFunnels and how this software is helpful in business automation and developing funnels. This is for the ones who are not aware that the subcategories available within ClickFunnels can help you to make more money. Isn’t it amazing?

There are different ways that you can use ClickFunnels and make profitable use of this amazing software. Whether you are mostly into selling products or building funnels, you can enjoy the profit. Of none of these, you can at least become an affiliate and start earning commission from your sales.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

So in this review, we will have a look at the One Funnel Away Challenge that you definitely have heard of. We will take a closer look if this is something that would really work or is it just some other way to draw attention without doing much help to the users.

What is This One Funnel Away Challenge?

As the name sounds, you might be thinking that this is something that is going to give you money within 30 days. If it was real then I would have been the happiest, but it is not the case in this challenge. This is the 30-day challenge that would become helpful for the people who are willing to create a successful sales funnel in 30 days.

Even when you cannot be rich, it is true that when a funnel is developed properly, one funnel can make you wealthy from being broke. However, this does not come with any guarantee. This is actually the guide where you can find help in every step where education is offered by some of the leading names of ClickFunnels.

Besides, you will also be offered the chance to become a part of the community where you can communicate with people, ask questions and get valuable feedback on the different stages of developing the funnel.

What are the takeaways from the One Funnel Challenge?

As soon as you sign up for the challenge, you will not only get access to the community but also will be provided with the tools that will become helpful in the process. This will enable you to get success faster compared to others.

So, let us have a look into the details.

Workbook PDF:

The very first thing that you would get from it is a PDF workbook which includes 550 pages where you can find the challenge for 30 days has been properly mapped. You will find the funnel training being written which has a value of $3126. No wonder it is a great bargain.

With this workbook PDF, you will be guided with the proper steps that you must take in these 30 days so that you do not fall behind at only $100. The best part about this is that not only will you get educated on everything that the founders have to say but also you will find some of the most effective teachings and strategies offered by the two earners who have become millionaires using ClickFunnels.

30-Day Summit:

The experience that you gain from the people is simply amazing. The fact that you will be able to access the 30-day summit in ClickFunnels makes it even better and outstanding. The entire event has been created to help you get an eye-opener and help you comprehend the immense possibilities of including a successful funnel.

No denial that sales funnels have made many people earn a lot and if you wish to be one of them this can be helped. Yes, it is possible.

One thing the speakers keep challenging the guests is to think about what would their life be if they lose everything and have a time frame of 30days to reconstruct everything.

With this summit, you get to know that you are just a funnel away to make a successful business and thrive in the competition irrespective of your current status.

Book of 30-Days Dot Com:

This is another book that you can find when you sign up for this challenge as this book has been divided into different interviews. Russell Brunson is the one to interview them to help you understand the reality. During the interview, he covers all of the topics so that it can help you to decide and gain knowledge from their experiences.

To be very true, everything worth $100 is totally great. You cannot keep any price for the person who is sharing the real-time experience. Since they have tried already, they have struggled, failed but succeeded and their way of approach can help you to create shortcuts and bypass the mistakes so that you do it right.

MP3 Player:

The best part is that you will be provided with the MP3 player that has the audio recording for the next 30 days in detail. These recordings are created to make it helpful for you so that it becomes convenient for you to learn.

There is a range of digital products that you can get access to easily which include the Facebook group for the 30-day challenge. With the huge network, which is in the same phase, you will be able to ask tons of questions and get the right answers.

What will you learn from this One Funnel Away Challenge?

You must bear in mind that this is a complete 30-day challenge and therefore you must start dedicating ample time to it. Make sure you are not rushing to it as it might result in missing some things or failing. When you rush, you might not experience success and it can result in working.

This can be a maze of cycles that might result in failure and since we don’t want you to exp[erience something as such, it is always suggested to take time. Therefore make sure to take the time, prepare your mindset and follow the day-by-day steps to learn. Only when you prepare step 1, then only can you move ahead to step 2.

To give you a proper knowledge of every step, let us take a look:

Week 0:

This is the first step in the One Funnel Away Challenge where Russell would like you to start believing that you have the potential in you and you can also become successful. The step to this is to comprehend that you have only one funnel away from becoming successful. You can get what you have always dreamt of.

Most people have limiting beliefs that they will always fail in achieving anything they wish and therefore it never lets you achieve the goals. In the very first step, Russell will try to break the negatives from your mind so that it can pave the path in the next 30-days.

Week 1:

This is the very first week in One Funnel Away Challenge for starting the actual training where you will learn about the way to create hooks, offers, and stories. Your hook will be the first thing that you will have to work on to bring more people into the funnel.

You must know that you will not b able to sell every time to the people and you can expect them to purchase. Since the world has been changing, there is a need for changing the marketing tactics as well. This is where you will require to prepare something and then offer it to your customers so that it compels them to buy it.

Followed by this, you will learn about the best way to become a storyteller. Another most important thing about marketing that has completely changed is stories are now more receivable in the market than marketing.

When your story is able to relate to the person and you can show that you have the knowledge and you know what they are going through, that is the time when your customers will come for you.

No double that Russell is one of the top experts in storytelling. This way you will be able to learn how you can craft the offer. This will compel your customers to enter the funnel and can become regular customers of yours.

Week 2:

This is the second week in One Funnel Away Challenge for the applicable steps. This is where you will be able to start testing the material and how you will be able to create the beta launch for the products prior to finishing. Russell is one of the best names for teaching customer research as this is the prime step for launching anything.

This week, you will be able to learn about the way to test the products for finding out the way it works or in case you are willing to move in a different direction.

Week 3:

This is the first week in One Funnel Away Challenge when you start paying attention to the funnel. This is when he will teach you to generate the leads and start making sales using ClickFunnels. This is where you need to create the squeeze page, craft the offer, create the order page and understand the way to manage the member area when you have people coming in.

This is the section where the power will start coming forward. You will be more confident about the things that you are doing. Now that you have something to offer to your customers, you have a great funnel, a one-time offer, and you also have got the location where you want to direct your customer after signing up/.

This means that you have got a funnel and you made it on your own.

Week 4

This is the end section in One Funnel Away Challenge where Russell will teach you the way to find out the errors and the mistakes that are pertaining to your funnel.

In case you witness that the funnel is not performing the way you have expected it to, he will be offering some tweaks. Making these changes will be helpful in making sure that you are not losing or wasting your time by constantly failing.

Is One Funnel Away Challenge Worth Trying?

Now that you have come this far, you might be thinking is it okay to give it a try?

Well, watching that realistic graph, this is definitely something that you can give a try. You can watch the YouTube Videos and then go ahead with it. No denial that funnels has huge importance and when you can acquire the training from the leader himself, it can become a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I get my money back?

In case you don’t find it working, you will get a refund. It comes with a money-back guarantee.

How much do I need to pay?

The entire course for 30 days will cost you $100. However, the range of materials that comes with it and the knowledge you find makes it worth the investment.

Do I mandatorily need to sell products?

You have the freedom to sell anything. It does not have to be only the physical products. You can find many examples of people on the internet who do have physical products but they have become rich by offering courses and digital products.

Final Words

One Funnel Away Challenge can be a great deal for the people and it is real that there are many who have actually enjoyed the real-time benefits from using it. If you wish to give it a shot, you should not hesitate, rather go for it,

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