9 Best Renderforest Video Alternatives and Competitors

Video is the present and future of the virtual world. It is the most important and widely used medium to create and sell content. Engaging and descriptive with a touch of creative visualization, there is no doubt why videos have become so popular. And with this, comes the requirements of video making tools and software.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have made all these quite simplified and easy to comprehend. Now is the era of several video-creating software and apps that compete with each other for better performance and more users. Renderforest is one such prominent software.

Do you know why we need platforms like Renderforest?

Because of the ease of use for less technologically proficient people.

Suppose a small-scale businessman, who cannot afford a design team or themself isn’t mechanically skilled in design work enough to generate quality creatives, can lean upon such a platform and get their job done. For a layman in the market, these preset works, as well as in-house design, work.

Not only for business owners and entrepreneurs are these useful, but these platforms give hope and act as life savior for a lot of amateur digital marketers and social media content creators.

In this article, we have talked about Renderforest in a detailed manner. Along with that, we have made you aware of a lot of alternatives that are available in the market and can be made use of as per convenience.

Renderforest Alternative

What is Renderforest?

Renderforest is a widely used all-in-one branding platform that helps a user to carry out ideas via designing a perfect presentation. An Armenia-based company, it has successfully created 30 million projects and helped 10 million users. From building logos and relevant graphics to video marketing, Renderforest strives to better the quality of the platform with a constant focus on innovation.

Renderforest benefits

● Uses machine-level algorithms to analyze and generate exemplary logos.
● All kinds of requirements including promotional videos, infographics, slideshows, and presentations can be made without any software installation issues.
● Can be accessed using mobile, laptop, or desktop since it’s cloud-based.

Renderforest features

● Social sharing can be implemented
● Audio tools can be added for sound features in video-making
● 400+ customizable video templates available for the easy creation of professional videos
● Intro creators for Youtubers to produce intros in less than 2 minutes.

Renderforest Pros

● SEO-Optimized thus helping your website rank on Google
● Advanced marketing tools to produce high-quality broadcast animations
● Free plan available which saves money
● From realistic product mockups and personalized logos to the website and graphic design templates, everything is accessible under one platform.

Renderforest Cons

● The price of a single video is quite high
● Offline editing feature unavailable
● Music can be added only to the whole presentation and not across each scene
● Uploading video is found to be slow and often jammed.

Why Do You Need Renderforest Alternative?

As we discussed Renderforest in detail, we got to know that although the software helps in generating impressive videos in just a few minutes, there are some shortcomings as well.

With the advancement of technical features available, we must make ourselves comfortable learning not only one but several various videos creating applications to understand which one suits our taste and requirements better. Some software has a higher range of templates while some others have a wider range of animations to choose from.

So, depending on which application lets you be more comfortable and makes you feel at ease, choose yours wisely and after a good amount of research.

Top 9 Renderforest Alternative

The top 9 Renderforest Video Alternatives that have emerged to be prominent competitors to the video-making software in the market are:

  1. CreateStudio
  2. Viddyoze
  3. DoodleMaker
  4. VidBullet
  5. VideoMaker Fx
  6. Doodly
  7. Doodleoze
  8. AvatarBuilder
  9. Animaker

We have discussed each of the above-mentioned software in a comprehensive manner, pointing out the several characteristics and advantages one by one.


CreateStudio is an amazing Renderforest alternative. Just like Renderforest, this is also an easy-to-use video-making software. Even if you do not possess technical and design skills, creating videos and social media posts has been made much simpler. CreateStudio is an advanced video animation tool that enables a user of any level- a complete newbie or an experienced creator.


  • Green Screen is an outstanding feature that edits colors in just a click
  • Text to speech creator- Users can produce voice-overs in multiple languages
  • Advanced timeline is available in this alternative CreateStudio having options of drag, drop and zoom. Also, users can show, hide or lock layers on the canvas.


  • One-click presets are available for easy and flawless animation
  • All elements can be animated via customization hence acting as an effortless alternative to Renderforest
  • Import any media files from Mp4, Transparent MOV’s, SVG images, and audio tracks.
  • Doodle text animations can be incorporated.


Trusted by the likes of Vodafone and Philips, Viddyose stands out as one such Renderforest competitor. Producing professional-level animations within a short time, this easy-to-handle software has a user-friendly interface. Just like CreateStudio, this software also does not demand any prior technical design skills from the user. Small to large businesses and promising video makers trust its tools.


  • 3D Animation Editing
  • Library of pre-made templates (260+)
  • Square and vertical templates for the perfect aspect ratio to post on social media
  • Seamless transitions to avoid scrappiness
  • Movie filters like lens flares, light effects, film grain, and blockbuster-style grading are available


  • Viddyoze acts as a great alternative to Renderforest since this is also cloud-based. This enables us to work from anywhere and any device.
  • The available templates possess amazing custom-created audio tracks to add sound effects.
  • Single-time payment pricing plans


In this era of Artificial Intelligence, doodle videos can be created in just a few steps thanks to DoodleMaker, one noteworthy Renderforest alternative. Be it branding, social media, lead generation, or affiliate marketing, everyone can benefit from this software from freelancers to coaches. Built by Canada-based entrepreneurs, DoodleMaker is a great initiative made simplified and cost-effective.


  • Multilingual videos: Translates video into over 60 languages
  • Whiteboard, Glassboard, Blackboard, or any customized color/image possible
  • 300+ templates
  • Image to Sketch Converter: Converts images into sketch style doodles
  • Built-In Color Changer: Videos can be made in black-and-white or color.


  • Existing content including blogs, YouTube videos, and slideshows are made brand new by converting these into animated doodles in Doodlemaker
  • Like Renderforest, this alternative is cloud-based
  • High-level icons and content images can be smoothly incorporated for creating outstanding videos.


We all know how video advertising has become a very trendy and in-vogue method to generate traffic. VidBullet 2.0 is a 100% automated software that enables amateurs and businesses to create engaging and jaw-dropping professional videos without much effort. Another Renderforest alternative, this software has just made our lives way simpler than ever.


  • VidBulletFX showcases a collection of fonts, effects, color palettes, and video transitions relevant to brand requirements or social media posting.
  • Variable-length videos possible
  • Custom voiceover can be added to VidBullet projects
  • Mixer: Now, mix and match VidBullet scenes across videos for perfection


  • Unlimited professional videos can be produced in less than 3 minutes, hence cost-efficient
  • VidBullet videos can be auto-published directly to Vimeo and YouTube.
  • The “News Template” option enables users to generate eye-catching messages for events and webinars.


A perfect choice for all kinds of marketers, Doodly is one of the finest video-making software and hence a competitor to Renderforest, ClickStudio, and others. Be it Facebook Advertising, Youtube marketing, or sales pitch, doodles are the highest converting video types. Doodly is hence a great alternative for engaging, designing, and visualizing content in the form of awesome videos.


  • Doodly SmartDraw technology: Create point-and-click draw paths. Draw as much as imagination permits you to
  • You can add your own voice/professional voiceover/ audio clip
  • Glassboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard available
  • Doodly Rainbow: Add color to the characters, and props making them more lively


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • No internet connection needed to use it
  • One of the cheapest animation software


Just like Doodly, Doodleoze is another alternative for doodle-making software that has made it easy for users to doodle anything and everything despite disadvantageous technical or design backgrounds.


  • More than 240 text animations are available with various effects like letter by letter, kinetic text in, kinetic text out, and similar things
  • Blackboard, green board, whiteboard, and glass board are available to draw on.
  • Over 500 Professional Doodle Sketch Images


  • With the help of the commercial license, a Doodleoze user will be capable of generating unlimited videos and profit fully by selling them
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • 100 Full HD Background videos that enrich the video quality


Are you a content creator, a teacher, or even a social media manager? Whoever you are, if you are looking for branding or lead generation and in need of awesome captivating videos easily, AvatarBuilder is an alternative to video-making software like Renderforest, Animaker, Doodleoze, and others. With the help of customizable talking 3D Avatars, the videos will look fascinating.


  • 1000+ video templates available
  • HD 720 P quality videos are possible
  • Artificial Intelligence Smart Scene Builder: Turn text into engaging video content
  • Logo mapping can be done to avatars
  • Millions of copyright-free images, music tracks, and video clips for use
  • Versatile Open-Canvas Video Builder: Customize the videos


  • Expensive spokespersons need not be hired since 3D avatars can be created which appear more appealing
  • Videos can be sold and shared for increasing revenues
  • Watermarks can be added for better credibility
  • Cloud hosting, therefore, can be utilized anywhere and everywhere


Whether you are a beginner or a professional designer, Animaker got you all covered. Trusted by big names like Nokia and Amazon, this software has aided over 9 m people via easy and catchy video editing tools. You can be a blogger wanting to create some eye-popping animation videos. Or you can be in need of generating leads and hence wish to produce some live-action clips.


  • Character Builder helps in producing customized characters due to the availability of 15 facial features and 10 accessory slots.
  • Videos can be subtitled and watermarked
  • Stock Library consists of 100 million assets for future use
  • 100 + music tracks available
  • 50 voices and 25 languages applicable
  • 4k quality videos created


  • The multi-user collaboration feature helps in working together with friends or colleagues easily
  • Data is securely encrypted via SSL encryption
  • Video overlay is done effortlessly
  • Moreover, it runs on an HTML 5 engine which results in a seamless performance.

In this article, we have vividly discussed a number of alternatives and competitors of Renderforest including their unique features and also the various services they offer us. If you are a social media enthusiast, small business owner, content creator, Youtuber, sales manager, digital marketer, blogger, online coach, or just need to create awesome video graphic presentations, you can be benefitted from all the above-mentioned software applications.

Final word

Be it ClickStudio or AvatarBuilder, each one has a lot of promising features and can aid you in setting up that perfectly designed video step by step within a very short time period.

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