Best Social Media Management Tools for Your Business Growth in 2023

With masses of active users on Social Media Platforms, businesses start targeting the audience via these mediums. It may sound sweet but the task isn’t so at all. Marketers of the organizations have to find out efficient strategies to reach out to their audience.

With so many social media applications the things become complex. How about an all-in-one tool which meets all your demands? This blog compiles such astonishing Social Media Management Tools with their functions and features. Go through it to find the best one for your organization to be stand out!

Social Media Management Tools

Top 34 Social Media Management Tools for Your Business Growth


It is a streamlined and intuitive social media management tool adapted by numerous individuals, agencies, and businesses for relevant outcomes and engagement on social media platforms.

This user-friendly tool has a bunch of products for team collaboration, analytics, engagement and publishing. With free plans and various paid plans range from $15, $199, $99 and $399 p.m. it assists the marketers to work effectively on the content.


It is the leading social media management tool used by over 1000 companies. The key reason behind its grand success is it acts like an umbrella under which you can find operating social media advertisements, measurement of social ROI, and scheduling and curation of content.

Although a free plan is available yet paid plans with enterprise pricing, $29, $599, and $129 per month it is able to monitor several keywords and accounts on about 35 social media platforms stuffed with bulk posts.

Sprout Social

Much identical to Hootsuite it combines multiple social media tools under a roof. It ranges from reporting, monitoring to scheduling. It is one of the social media management tools which feature CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that allows you to develop a strong relationship with them.

The social media track report comes with easily downloadable facility which can be sent directly to the clients and manager as well without making any edits. Start serving your customers on the basis of their full profile at just $99, $249, and $149 per user per month.

Agora Pulse

With just $99, $199, $49, and $299 per month, you can obtain an all-in-one social media platform along with reporting, responding, and scheduling features. It comes with a set of distinctive features including Facebook contest apps and competitor analysis.


This social media management tool is specifically designed for agencies with numerous clients. Being the most acceptable tool, it possesses features like customization of the dashboard as per branding requirements for acquiring more new clients.

It has some astonishing integrations like YouTube search, royalty-free image search and Canva graphics editor. Automation for repetitive tasks is available only at $29, $99, $299 and $199 per month.


It also enables publishing and scheduling of the posts with the response to social comments while analyzing the performance on social media platforms simultaneously. With the help of RSS feeds and smart queues, it allows an auto-posting facility. Even you can obtain its huge media library at enterprise pricing, $49, $199, and $99 per month.

Social Pilot

It is integrated with analytics and scheduling instead of monitoring the basic dashboard at reasonable prices. The client management feature is engineered in such a way so that it can be useful for agencies with multiple clients.

As it assists in finding coherent content it is excellent to be used in sectors like fitness, health, education, and tech. The agencies can enjoy the benefit of white label reports at just $10, $24, $80, and $40 per month along with enterprise pricing.


Rather than social media management tool it is a powerful calendar in nature that guides you with certain marketing aspects. It accompanies in the creation and management of tasks, events and content and social media posts with the collaboration of your team.

It is outstanding for the marketers who are willing to organize every strategy of their projects (emails, events, content, social media) at a destination. It has ReQueue feature that assists in finding optimal posting time automatically for filling the gaps of social media schedule with some best ever posts at just $0 – 20, $40, $210, $300, $60 and $1,200 per month.


MavSocial is entirely visual content-oriented that allows you to manage the Facebook ads as well. Apart from reporting, monitoring and scheduling feature it possesses a digital library for editing, using and managing the multimedia of the social media posts.

It offers a search engine for browsing stock photos at the same time. With this tool the social media posts can be repeated for a particular time-frame. You can get this tool at just $19, $78, $499, $199 per month and in free version.


It keeps an eye on Google+ while allowing the user for scheduling the content on other social media platform excluding Instagram. Being dedicatedly designed for Google+ it supports GSuite, pages, communities, collections and profiles. You can set the automation for re-posting the Google+ posts on other social media accounts at just $9, $29, $259 and $59 per month. Also, you can opt for its free version as well.


At just free of cost, you will be able to manage the Twitter account including scheduling content. Even it will suggest article to share. By allowing you to get connected with online shopping apps, YouTube channel and blogs it gives social media posts on the site for each update. That’s why it has immense popularity amongst the marketers.


Edgar is crafted in such a way so that more leads can be obtained with much less effort. The key functional abilities of the tool is to enable the users for sharing, organizing and adding content on various social media channels and that too from a single spot from any of the social media app.

Also it is integrated with Buffer and Google My Business at the same time. It has the ability for recycling evergreen content while maintaining its freshness with variations in post. Also it is compatible with SocialBee considered as another valuable asset. Get this tool today at just $19/ $79/$39 per month

Post Planner

It is a true companion of social media marketers as it assists them in 3 main jobs- consistent post, perfect planning as per next publishing calendar and looking for relevant content. In fact content suggestion and rates are also provided by this tool to make the schedule accordingly.

Apart from scheduling the time-frame only it guides you to choose the time slot for each type of content. It has Post Planner which will monitor it and posts the content accordingly to the given time frame at just enterprise pricing, $3, $11, $59, $24, $299 and $129 per month.


It is specifically designed for Instagram and Pinterest. Besides measuring reports, monitoring the conversations and scheduling the posts it gives relevant suggestions to improve the performance of Instagram and Pinterest.

It is stuffed with loads of features meticulously applicable to the said visual platforms including Instagram UGC content management and Pinterest content promotion at just $799.99 and $9.99 per month. Even you can opt for its free version which comes with limited set of features as well.


It is completely Instagram-oriented and allows you to connect other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest account) with it. The visual content calendar with drag-n-drop facility is its core strength for scheduling the images.

A free link is also available with it for linking the basic profile of Instagram to that of the shoppable feed of gram and other blog posts and websites at the same time. Asides from enterprise pricing, you can get this tool at other pricing options like $9, $19, $49, and $29 per month.


Being an integral section of Sprinklr’s product suite it assists the enterprises to interact and cater the customers via social media channels. It allows the organizations to work collaboratively so that they can reach out to the customers and listen to their demands and requirements over about 25 social media channels.


This social media management tool is engineered dedicatedly for B2B marketers for the generation of leads via social media. This will increase the business value with the help of effective efforts of social media. Starting from employee advocacy, promotion to social media management it is loaded with all tools that a Social Media marketer needs.

It is a unique combination of the features required by social media marketers such as DIY landing page builder, consumer experience management, social media analytics, engagement and management.


The social media management tool of HubSpot is a section of its one-stop-shop marketing software. You can obtain its full accessibility with just $1,120 per month. Every marketing effort ranging from CRM, SEO, email, and social media can be acquired under an umbrella.

As a result, the acquired outcome can be easily compared across every social media marketing channel while measuring the respective ROIs at the same time.

Salesforce Social Studio

It comes with full-functional product set for the enterprises despite of its size. As an integral section of the Cloud Marketing Platform, it helps in strengthening the customer relationship. It does so by inclining the sales efforts, customers’ service and marketing on the social media platform.

Social Hub

Any governmental sectors, agencies and businesses can make use of this social media management software on the basis of the customers and target audience. This tool is much secure, scalable and efficient in the long run.


This social media software is accepted for use by the world’s renowned organizations including Johnson & Johnson, LinkedIn and Patagonia. Basically, it accompanies in perfect management of respective social media handles.

Likeable Hub

With this tool, you can obtain millions of ideas on unique content creation that turn out by generating impactful leads and referrals. At only $299 p.m. you will be able to amplify the reach of your social media along other facilities.

Social Flow

This advertising and social media publishing tool is used by the leading companies like Fast Company, National Geographical Channel and The New York Times. It actually assists in increasing the social media presence and shares.


It offers insights of social media and data visualization in real time to enable you take correct decision on the social media strategy. Even it comes with a couple of tools for efficient social media publishing and engagement.


It is complete tool for social media management stuffed with basic scheduling features that enable it to update automatically. It is available with 2 basic plans- $15/month Standard plan and $10/month per user. Hence, you can share the account with anyone without sharing vital passwords and accessibility.

In fact the limit can be set for adding in this social network and accordingly work can be assigned to them. A specific collaborate tab with in-built messenger system is there so that you don’t have to switch over and over again.

Social monitoring becomes easy with this tool as it notifies you immediately on every reaction. Otherwise Monitor tab is there for doing so. Start Zoho Social toady with just $15/month.


This app simply guides the marketers with events, trends and hashtags to post on a daily basis to acquire more and more customers. On making new post, it will start suggesting automatically on the basis of the industry and calendar setup. Also future post can be pre-decided as well in terms of upcoming holidays and events on calendar.

Even manual Post Idea can be added to it at the same time. Marketers make the anniversary of the company by this way only. Moreover other basic features always come up with this at just $34/month. It includes commenting, messaging, response to tags and much more. It is compatible with any social media accounts.


It is the autopilot for the social media accounts with full compatibility with Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It is loaded with the features of post-schedule that comes in a full package stuffed with bulk importing facility. It has the ability to create content on the basis of the link pasted by you which can be edited further.

Color-coded categories will never allow in making the post monotonous and copied at the same time. It makes use of A/B testing feature for analytics and allows scheduling of the content via web like Firefox, Safari and Chrome extension. It comes only at $19/month to enjoy its limitless features.


This social media management tool is helpful for monitoring, analyzing and publishing the visual content on any social web. Being the main monitor of Instagram it allows interconnection within Twitter and Facebook as well. A responsive and modern dashboard is there with simple yet elegant navigation to assist you in every possible way.

Apart from posting it enables story updates as well making the account looks brand aesthetic. It comes with track competitors for comparing the usage of certain strategies like hashtag. Analytics section is full of readymade graphs for easy comparison. The pro plan comes with dual price the limited version is of $39/month whereas unlimited one can be accessed at just $79/month.

Revive Old Post

Re-sharing the old post is excellent method for the promotion of old content pieces. This tool exactly helps you to deal with that! It allows you to set a certain time period within every post-share and you can select the posts as worth re-sharing. Although it is entirely free of cost yet crafted meticulously to target bigger marketing platforms (Twitter and Facebook).

It can offer better exposure in other platforms as well like Pinterest and LinkedIn and for that you have to opt for pro version. Customization option is there including template for editing each post. Automated re-sharing of both old and new content for continuous promotion and scheduled custom strategy to target the audience.


The social media marketing game can be turned for you by making use of well-crypted graphic visuals. The appealing images of Instagram and Pinterest are used by professional social media marketers for the generation of leads. Canva is another tool to guide you in this prospect by allowing you to monitor the visuals on social media.

You don’t need to know anything about web designing to make use of it with utmost freedom of recreating any visual for the sake of your brand. By doing so, you can present an aesthetic appearance for your brand with various templates.

It includes YouTube Thumbnails, LinkedIn banners, Pinterest graphics, Twitter posts and Facebook ads. As it is completely free any social images can be designed for promoting the blogs on different channels.

Sked Social

Facebook ads facility is really helpful for making a brand presence by reaching out to the targeted audience without any effort. As millions of ads get posted on this platform on a daily basis, people are shifting towards more new in this business- Instagram.

It helps in targeting the audience on Instagram by offering an efficient and easy sharing method. Abundance of content can be posted daily on this platform and due to its easy user interface there is no chance of being skipped. However you have to opt for its paid version to enjoy such features.

In fact, certain features like customization of images (edit, filter or crop) are available for stuffed sharing. Its user interface is great to upload the post on multiple accounts on Instagram.


Being the free tool, it enables you to keep the track of sharing number of any specific post on the social media platform. It can easily find out the channel which has generated remarkable revenues from social shares from variety of channels. Free version can be used with 500+ APIs. You have to obtain the paid plan at just $40 per month for email support and Domain whitelisting.


It is the abbreviated form of ‘If This Then That’! As the name suggests it is a completely creative tool for social media management. It is outstanding for generating a bridge between various devices and multiple apps (along with social media applications).

You can easily boost the productively without any additional effort due to its action-reaction mechanism. It offers automated sharing amongst sites and social media applications while distinctive actions can be triggered simultaneously.

Final Words

Now as a marketer you are well aware of the best one for your organization. So, instead of ruining more time, get the one today and start the most exciting and unpredictable game to turn the table for you!

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