Top 10 Torrent Sites That Still Work on January 2023

Torrents can be a savior for you if you want to access software without taking the headache of a premium subscription.

As exciting as it sounds, finding a good torrent site on Google is neither safe nor easy.

You would be led to fake torrent sites containing malware and irritating ads most of the time.

Now, to make this brain-eating task more manageable, we have tested a bundle of torrent sites and found the 10 best torrent sites for you.

However, you should always keep one thing in mind, torrent sites alone don’t serve you privacy and safety. To hide your IP address and keep your torrenting safe, we recommend using a VPN for torrenting. It will keep you anonymous.

Another vital thing to wander upon is that not all countries provide legal torrenting. So keep updated with the legal rules and regulations before downloading any copyrighted document.

Top 10 Torrent Sites

Quick list – Best torrent sites in March 2022

In case you’re short on time and want quick access to the best torrent sites, check out the top 10 list:-

  1. The Pirate Bay: most established and has a wide variety of free database software.
  2. 1337x: an all-in-one platform with a giant torrent library and has a simple interface. Although, you need to be aware of some fake links.
  3. RARBG: verified torrent links with massive traffic and diverse content. But often gets banned due to copyright infringements.
  4. YTS: Best torrent site for old and new movies of all genres. However, the ads may irritate you.
  5. Kickass Torrents: mainly used for Tv shows, but faces restrictions many times.
  6. TorLock: An Anime and ebook platform which is safe and verified. Famous worldwide.
  7. Torrentz2: torrent search engine famous for music, contains ads.
  8. Zoogle: simple interface to search movies and Tv shows with multiple resolutions.
  9. LimeTorrents: Beginner friendly with a vast category of content has limited ads.
  10. ExtraTorrent: easy to navigate and massive torrent collections with minimal ads.

How to choose the best torrent sites?

We verify the best torrent sites enlisted here, and you can rely on them for safety and comfortability. The research is based on the work and availability in 2022.

However, apart from these, a few more factors affect the choice.

  • Download speed: Although using a VPN for torrenting fastens your download speed, some torrents take a prolonged time. Finding the best VPN for torrents and fast torrent sites is smooth for torrenting.
  • The number of seeders: The download speed is directly proportional to the number of seeders.
  • Lots of variety: More P2P files on the site gives you space to find the content you desire.
  • Instant downloading: Some sites include additional steps and necessary registrations to download a file. The best torrent site provides an instant downloading facility.
  • Founding year: The credibility is proved by the survival of the torrenting sites over the years.
  • As few ads as possible: Some sites are incredibly frustrating due to the enormous amount of ads. A good torrent site has fewer ads.
  • High seeder/leecher ratio: The more seeders your torrent site has, the faster the speed will be.
  • Proxy/ mirror links: Many torrent sites provide proxy/mirror links to evade censorship since many users can’t access them easily.
  • Countries blocking a specific site: Some sites get banned by the government and have a terrible reputation. We can check if they work with proxy links or VPNs.

Top 10 torrent websites that still work on March 2022

Now, you know how to torrent safely, so let’s jump into the best torrent sites to get you started. If any links don’t work for you, try changing your IP address using VPN and checking again.

The Pirate Bay:

The pirate bay holds the title of the world’s best torrent site since 2008. It is among the most well-known torrent sites providing over a million categories to download in different languages. You get the premium stuff free of cost and with easy navigation. It was banned in some countries in early 2020, but it returned with the same reputation. All the torrent links are verified and safe.

  • Mirror sites:, thepiratebay. VIP, thepiratebay. rocks,,
  • Founded year: 2003
  • Alexa rating: 224
  • Banned locations: United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, China, Denmark, Iceland, Iran, Arabia, Ireland, Germany, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Indonesia, Kuwait, Belgium.
  • Instant download: Yes



It holds the third position among the most popular torrenting sites. It has over 53 million torrenters monthly and has a massive library with high-quality torrent links. The interface is straightforward and informative, and it has very few ads. In addition, it is highly protected and secured.

  • Mirror sites:,, ,
  • Year Founded: 2007
  • Alexa rating: 257
  • Instant download support: Yes
  • Banned locations: Australia, Austria, UK, Ireland



It has a group of moderators who verifies all the torrent links and ensure high-quality torrents. Since it filters every torrent, the library is short. Also, it has loads of pop-up ads, so you can use an ad blocker or use VPN.

  • Mirror sites: , ,,
  • Alexa rating: 7542
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Banned locations: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Ireland, Indonesia, Denmark, Portugal, Morocco, UK, Bulgaria
  • Instant download: Yes



Best torrent site for movie lovers, having over 75 million users worldwide. YTS, also known as YIFY sometimes, stands the second position in most-visited torrent sites, after Pirate Bay. The interface is neat, and it provides the movie link with other details like IMDB ratings, movie pictures, and similar movie suggestions. However, to avoid the highly irritating ads, you need to use a reliable VPN. Also, it specializes in movies, so you need to visit elsewhere for other stuff.

  • Mirror links: yts. Am, yts. Gd, yts. Pm, yts. Gm, yts. Unblocked.MX, yts. It
  • Alexa ratings: 696
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Banned locations: Ireland
  • Instant download: Yes


Kickass Torrents

It is one of the oldest and best torrent sites. Even The Pirate Bay was behind before 2016. After which, it faced backlash and restarted the journey. It also has some mirror sites, but they might contain malicious files, so you need to double-check.

  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Alexa ratings: 2425
  • Mirror links:,,
  • Banned locations: The USA, Australia, Britain
  • Instant download: Yes



TorLock is safe and beginner-friendly. It pays its customers $1 if they find any fake or malicious link. So you can rely on safety. Also, it provides a wide range of libraries with document specifications.

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Mirror links:,
  • Banned locations: The UK, Australia, India
  • Instant download: Yes
  • Alexa rating: 21900



Torrentz2, also known as Torrent, is a torrent search engine sourcing torrent links from various torrent sites. It has a massive music library of multiple genres. It provides a neat interface and easy search without any hindrance.

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Mirror links:,,,,
  • Alexa ratings: 21682
  • Banned locations: None
  • Instant Download: No



It has an extensive library good for games, movies, ebooks, and Tv shows. It is new and recently gained popularity. As games are unique in torrenting, they might be subject to copyright so beware of that.

  • Year Founded:2013
  • Mirror links:,,,
  • Alexa ratings: 2086
  • Banned locations: None
  • Instant download: Yes



It has a giant torrent library with over 10 million torrents in various categories. While downloading torrents, you get suggestions of the top 100 media related to your search category. Although having tons of media files increase the chances of getting fake torrents.

  • Year founded: 2009
  • Mirror links: lime,, limetorrents.Asia, limetorrents. in
  • Alexa rating: 3001
  • Banned locations: The UK, Australia, France
  • Instant download: Yes


Extra Torrent

It gives a wide range of collections in diverse media types with a neat interface. It is easy to navigate and has very few ads. Unfortunately, it lost its popularity after its shutdown in 2017 but returned with its mirror links.

  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Mirror links:,
  • Alexa rating: 240
  • Banned locations: Worldwide
  • Instant download: Yes


Things to remember before torrenting

For safe torrenting, you need to keep in mind the following points:-

  • Hide your IP: This is crucial. Make sure to use a VPN for torrenting. Not doing so will expose your IP, and the risk to come in the list of cybercriminals increases even while using the excellent torrent sites.
  • Is torrent legal?: Whether you’re downloading your course reference book or downloading a copyrighted pre-released movie, you may face high penalties if caught doing illegal torrenting. Hence, check the rules and regulations of your country and always use a VPN for torrenting.
  • Check torrent safety: Now that you’re anonymously surfing double-check the security and use only reliable torrent sites. Once some malware enters your system, it’s hard to get rid of it. You can ensure safety by following points:-
  • Inspect every torrent: Make sure every torrent you download is verified, check the user comments and the uploader’s history.
  • Use a private search engine: Using a private search engine like DuckDuckGo will not hide the URLs, unlike Google, and it will keep your search confidential.
  • Use a safe torrent client: Apart from using a secure torrent site, a safe torrent client like uTorrent or qBittorrent is essential to keep viruses and malware away.
  • Check files for malware: Beware of malware from the files like RAR, TAR, ZIP. And stay away from WMA, WMV, and password-protected files.
  • Look out for copycat sites: strange-looking URLs and numerous registration demands are signs of copycat sites and risk malware and hackers.

Why do I need a VPN for Accessing Torrent Sites?

Most good torrent sites come with a warning to use a VPN. The reason is that no matter how good or safe the torrent is, cybercriminals can easily access your IP and manipulate it as they like. They can even transfer malware to your torrent links.

A reliable VPN is always recommended for torrenting as it keeps you safe and anonymous. In addition, VPN encryptions help you keep your data unreadable even to hackers.

Another benefit is that it prevents ISP throttling and gives good download speed. You can download unlimited torrents without any network or speed issues.

The features that a good VPN offers are military-grade encryption, P2P optimized server, automatic kill switch, strict no-logs policy.

These features make the manipulation of data, accidental leakage of data, and ISP throttling impossible. Also, you can access the blocked sites or download copyrighted content easily.

As no torrenting site gives you 100% security, using a VPN for torrents is crucial.

Best VPNs for Accessing Torrent Sites Safely

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of using VPN for torrents, let’s list the best VPNs.

➔ Express VPN:

  • Quick Overview: Express VPN has super fast speed and is highly recommended for torrenting. It keeps your ISP hidden, surfs anonymously, and prevents accidental data exposure. It also offers excellent deals.
  • About this VPN: The features that Expressvpn offers:-
  • 49% off and three months free trial.
  • 30-day-money back guarantee
  • Five devices access
  • Strict no-logs policy

➔ Namecheap VPN:

  • Quick Overview: Namecheap VPN is famous and has many successive users. It has military-grade encryption to keep your data safe and unbreakable. Like other good VPNs, it also has a kill switch to protect accidental data leakage.
  • About this VPN: The features offered by Namecheap VPN are:-
  • High-speed server network
  • High-security
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Reasonable plans
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Strict no-logs policy

➔ Nord VPN:

  • Quick Overview: NordVPN was founded in 2012. It provides encryption from OpenVPN, which is trustworthy and safely hides your IP and data history. It also has a P2P sharing feature. NordVPN has a network of over 5400 subscribers in over 59 countries.
  • About this VPN: The features are as follows:-
  • 6 devices access
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 helpline support
  • OpenVPN support
  • Kill switch

How to choose the best VPN for Torrenting?

While choosing a VPN for torrenting, consider these features:-

  • Military-grade encryption: This encryption is impossible to manipulate. No third party can ever hinder your data.
  • Strict no-logs policy: To ensure that your VPN is not selling your data to third parties, it is essential to check the no-log policies.
  • P2P Optimized servers: The VPNs that enable P2P servers to offer unlimited torrent downloading.
  • Automatic kill switch: If your VPN stops working temporarily, this kill switch prevents accidental leakage of your data.
  • Advanced protocols: Right protocols for VPN are highly recommended for safe and fast VPN for torrents.

FAQ on the best Torrent sites

Now, let us look at the questions you might have in your mind:-

What are some of the best torrenting sites?

The best torrent site has a vast library and verifies the torrent links. The most popular torrent sites are The Pirate Bay, 1337x, RARBG, and YTS.

However, if you’re looking for torrent sites for particular content, follow the below list:-

1. Movies: YTS
2. Tv shows: Kickass Torrents
3. Music: Torrentz2
4. Games: Zoogle
5. Applications: 1337x

What is the best Torrenting client?

The best torrenting clients in 2022 are uTorrent and qBittorrent. Both of them are free, trustworthy, and compatible with major torrenting sites. In addition, they have great features and ensure security.

Are torrenting sites blocked in India?

Like many countries, India has an extensive list of torrenting sites blocked. Some of them are The Pirate Bay, Torlock, and Torrentz2.To torrent safely; you must use a reliable VPN. Still, torrenting the blocked sites may cause trouble. Hence, beware of all the rules and regulations and torrents from the areas that aren’t blocked.

Do I need to use a VPN with a torrenting site?

Using VPN is crucial to ensure the security of the data and fast downloading. The military-grade encryption in VPN will protect your data from malware and hackers. In addition, it keeps you anonymous and gives high security.

Can I use a free VPN with a Torrenting site?

Avoiding free VPNs is always a wise and sensible decision. While you can torrent with free VPNs, they are risky. They generally don’t have a strict no-logs policy, and your data gets leaked to some third party. Also, since they are free, they don’t have the budget to keep themselves up-to-date and often fail to keep you anonymous and give high speed. Some free VPNs also come with free viruses and malware. You don’t want to invite them.

Are torrenting sites safe?

It ultimately depends on the torrenting site you’re using. The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and 1337x are some of the safest torrenting sites you’ll find in 2022. They verify the torrents and ensure that they aren’t fake.

Most of the torrent sites are not reliable. Instead, they contain unnatural links filled with malware and flood you with ads.

How do I use a torrent website?

For this, you first need to install a torrent client like uTorrent or qBittorrent. Then you can go and search your desired content on your torrent site and download it. Finally, you’ll see the file saved on your device. You can also use a magnet link for downloading.

As torrenting sites can never give you 100% security and privacy, it is recommended to use VPN to enhance your protection.

Which torrenting site is the fastest?

The speed of torrenting sites depends on your internet plan, ISP, location, VPN provider, etc. Apart from these, the number of seeders in your torrenting site also contributes to the speed.

Using a VPN for torrents is excellent for speed.

Why are some torrenting sites blocked?

Torrent sites are blocked because they provide copyrighted content that is illegal. Government and ISP block them for copyright issues. You can’t even use a normal search engine like Google to get the torrenting sites. They hide these sites due to legal risks.

Using a reliable VPN hides your identity and solves this issue.

Are torrent download sites legal?

It is subjective and depends upon your location and the site you want to use. However, torrenting is legal in many countries unless you download copyrighted content. Hence, you need to go through the rules and regulations of your country before torrenting.

The risks involved in downloading copyrighted content and getting into trouble with malware or hackers during torrenting is why VPN torrent is recommended.

How can I access the best private torrent site?

You can get access to a private torrent by donating or through invitations. It would be best to visit sites that offer anonymous messaging boards for torrenting to get an invitation. They will either invite randomly or upon request. For example, IPtorrents is a good torrent private site.

Conclusion – Stay Safe on Torrenting with a VPN

You can’t find good torrenting sites in Google because they hide these sites considering the legal risks; instead, they lead you to fake torrent sites that come with tons of ads and risk of malware; we did deep research and enlisted the best torrenting sites.

No matter how good your torrenting site is and the level of security it provides, you can never be 100% secured while torrenting. Hence, it is always essential to use a VPN for torrenting and keep yourself anonymous and safe. Make sure to use reliable VPNs like ExpressVPN, where you get a 30-days money-back guarantee. VPN will hide all the information and keep you protected.

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