Boost Channel with Trending YouTube Marketing Tools in 2023

Boost your YouTube channel with trending YouTube marketing tools.

What could be more pleasing than watching your YouTube channel growing? Well, being 2nd largest search engine in the world, there are thousands of channels that make YouTube flooded with lots of brilliant content every day. Hence, there is no doubt that your content has to stand out amongst them to rise or it will lose the interest of the viewer. With the right tools, you can get the right track to be aligned with the viewers’ choice.

To make things easier for you, this content is going to offer you a gist on a list of resources that will increase your audience and revenue as well. Hence, this content will categorically show you the tools which you can use as per your purpose. It could be for driving traffic naturally or to make your content easily as well as appealing to viewers. So, let’s get to know about them in detail.

YouTube Marketing Tools

To Get the Natural Traffic with YouTube Marketing Tools:

When it comes to saving your YouTube channel from being lost in the pool of other content posted daily, there are a few tools that can drive more traffic to your channel organically.


It is a great tool to manage, optimize, and grow the YouTube channel. You will get advanced analytics and data, bulk processing, and rank tracking capabilities to make your channel stand out for YouTube marketing.


Want to get competitors’ data and know-how they are optimizing their channel? Well, this tool can help you with its set of SEO features to create SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags for YouTube marketing.

Keyword Tool:

You can easily find relevant long-tail keywords on a particular topic using this tool.


Want to monitor your YouTube channel without wasting a single chance to communicate with your viewers? Well, it is now possible with Agorapaulse, with which you can detect the nasty trolls and can read as well reply to all the comments done on your content and boost your YouTube marketing.


It will no more be a hectic task to get video insights, rankings, audience insights, brand safety scores, audience overlap, and more with this tool.


Promoting your content like podcast, blog, or radio show won’t be difficult anymore with this tool. You can easily create videos and make advertising easy with it YouTube Marketing.


Want to create more relevant content for your audience? Well, this tool may help you with more relevant topics or ideas by showing you what’s trending on YouTube. That will help you to grow your YouTube Marketing.

YouTube Studio:

It is a free tool that will help you with analytics and marketing toolkit.

To create a thumbnail for your video:

Thumbnails create the first impression of your video content. It means, the better the thumbnail, the higher will be views of your videos. So, here is a list of tools that can help you to create a thumbnail for your video-


When it comes to creating outstanding thumbnails, nothing could be as better as Canva. You will find professionally designed templates for your video content. If you are new to this tool, the drag and drop feature will let you create some awesome thumbnails.


If you are looking for a video marketing tool, which will perform overall great, then Tubebuddy could be your choice. It will give you pre-made templates or you can edit a frame of your choice.


If you are looking for rich and varied thumbnail templates for YouTube, then Fotor could be the tool for you.

To add music for your YouTube content:

Music makes us feel happy, sad, angry, and sometimes nostalgic. So, when you try to put music over the YouTube video, viewers will find your video more relatable and enjoyable. Here is a list of tools to make your video a visual masterpiece.


From the music library of this tool, you can purchase or download royalty-free music, celebrity pictures, cartoons, and sound effects from different movies.

YouTube studio audio library:

In case you missed noticing this feature of YouTube, there is a collection of sound effects and music tracks.


It is a royalty-free music website that curates high-quality music tracks and sound effects. You will find thousands of exclusively handpicked tracks in more than 30 music styles.


For your YouTube channel, you will find there a collection of no copyright music.

To Make Your YouTube Video Go Live:

YouTube Live is an excellent platform for businesses, gamers, and social streamers. However, YouTube Live isn’t as straightforward as you think of it. So, here are a few tools to ease out your task.


For Mac users, Ecamm is the all-in-one live streaming video production platform to create live videos quickly and easily.


If you are looking for some free and open-source software to record your video and stream it live as well, the OBS or Open Broadcaster Software works great for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.


Want your video to stream live over Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms? If yes, then this tool will offer you a multi-streaming option to make this possible.


Want to stream your videos to different platforms simultaneously from your browser directly? All you need to do is add the extension of this tool and stream live anytime, anywhere.

It is a cloud-based solution to make your videos go live. Be it real-time video streaming or pre-recorded scheduled video streaming, you can use this tool to steam your video on YouTube live in both ways.

To Capture Screenshot from Your Videos:

YouTube is no doubt a convenient platform to fulfill your business needs, recording files or sharing screens. However, while creating YouTube content for your business, a recorder to capture your screen is always useful. It will help you to show the demonstrations and how-to’s for your client efficiently. So, here is a list of tools to make things easy:


It is a screen-recording tool that takes screenshots as well. Be it Mac, Windows, Chrome, or iOS, you can use it across all three platforms.


This is a tool that easily captures screenshots from your videos and also works as a powerful screen saver.

To edit videos for YouTube Channel:

For any YouTube video creator, editing is one of the important post-production parts. But there is more to editing than what meets your eye. To hook the viewers to your video, there are a few video editing tools you shouldn’t miss trying. All you have to remember- what kind of projects you are working on, the level of editing you need, the platform you are using, and how much you are willing to invest.


Want to create Hollywood-style classic YouTube video trailers with high-resolution video clips? Then this tool is the ideal one for beginners who are less known to intros, file selections, and filter transitions.

DaVinci Resolve:

It is a pro-level YouTube Video editor that comes with high-end video production modules. It does an excellent job for motion graphics, audio production, color correction, and video effects. This tool is available in different versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


It is one of the best video editing software and also works as a perfect screen recorder. Many YouTube video makers use this tool to create tutorials.

Wondershare Filmora:

It is one of the modern video editing software for newbies. With its clear interface, reasonable price, and wide range of features, it stands out as one of the convenient options for everyone.

Final Cut Pro X:

Mac users who want advanced and feature-rich video editing software, Final Cut Pro X is ideal for them.

Adobe premiere pro:

Both Mac and Windows users can use this software. There are a lot of advanced features that you can’t see in other available tools in the market.

To Add Captions and Descriptions:

Since YouTube is one of the popular ways to share videos online if you provide captions or transcription on videos, it makes them easy to understand with a quick glance. So, here is a list of caption tools for YouTube-


If you are looking to put subtitles, audio transcription, or video captions for your content, is a group of service providers who can do it for you. Professional transcriptionists in the U.S with native English-speaking skills will make your content easy to understand to a large group audience.


It is a tool for video captioning, which is an online non-profit project. Easy-to-use features allow users to add captions from scratch. All you have to do is enter the text of the video caption with Amara text editor. Then sync the captions manually to the audio with up and down arrows of the Keyboard. Easy to skip back and forth using a keyboard has made this tool appealing to a lot of users.

Subtitle Edit:

Whereas both YouTube’s Editors and Amara run online, the Subtitle Edit is a software that you need to install on your computer. For newbies it provides beginner mode and the more you progress, you can work with an advanced interface. It is a bit more sophisticated than Amara and YouTube, due to which, you can control the appearance and function of your captions. You can find a lot of features to fix your spelling and grammar, import various subtitles, file types, and a lot more. You can say, it is a DIY captioning program for you.

To Run Search Engine Marketing for Your YouTube Channel:

YouTube is now doing an outstanding job to glue the audience to their screens. Bearing this in mind, performing video optimization is quite important today. To catch more eyeballs, you have to ensure that people can find your videos online and they must choose to watch your video over the pool of competition. So, here is a list of tools that can help you to optimize your YouTube videos-


It is a powerful tool to fetch keywords related to the seed keywords you have chosen. It also looks closely at how many people search for a query on YouTube and many of those searches result in clicks.


Want to track the rank of your YouTube channel? If yes, then this is the ideal tool to monitor your video performance in Google, YouTube, Yandex, bing, and across the other search engine result pages.


It is an excellent tool to not only market the video content of your YouTube channel, but also let you explore keywords and allow rank tracking. You will get more ideas to rank better across the YouTube search results.

Want to see the popularity of your content? Google Trend may help you in an exceptional way. However, a lot of people don’t know how to use this tool for YouTube channels. Choose the YouTube search option in your Google trends and use it for free to get more ideas for your channel.

Youtube Gadgets to Ease out Your Task:

When it comes to promoting YouTube videos and making the most of your YouTube channel, you have to get your hands on the appropriate YouTube equipment. With the right tools, you can put a professional touch to your videos and can gain more likes and views. So, here is a list of gadgets for you-

Sony A7 III:

It’s a highly versatile, full-frame, and feature-packed camera that is available at a reasonable price. It is recommended for all YouTubers to create high-quality videos for the YouTube channel.

Rode Smartlav+:

It is a professional-grade wearable microphone, which is designed to use for television, film, and broadcasting scenarios. It uses modern techniques to pick up the sounds evenly from all around the microphone.

Joby Gorillapod:

Are you looking for a tripod to hold your camera at a proper angle? If yes, then Joby Gorillapod is designed perfectly to hold both cameras and smartphones. Tripods are available in different sizes and fit small point-and-shoot cameras like mirror-less cameras and professional DSLRs. DJI Osmo Pocket II: This is a 3-axis stabilized handheld camera that mainly focuses to make you more skillful with the camera than how much you are actually.

Blue Yeti USV Mic:

It is one of the most advanced, multi-pattern, and versatile USB microphones to capture even the unheard things with a USB microphone.

A Few Other Tools to Increase the Reach of Your Channel:

Apart from attracting traffic to your YouTube channel, why not benefit your other business ventures manageably with your single YouTube channel? Amazed how? Well, here is a list of tools to show you some ideas.


It is an e-commerce platform to let people sell custom clothing. Since this website has integrated itself with YouTube, you can allow your merchandise to appear beneath your YouTube videos.


Want to manage your link over your YouTube channel? It is a perfect tool to brand, track, and share short URLs using a custom branded domain name. You can also create cool descriptive links using a custom branded domain name.

Want to shorten your long and affiliate links in a manageable way? This tool is the perfect one to make so.
YouTube creator academy: Want to increase your knowledge to create better videos and improve channel performance? YouTube Creator Academy helps new YouTubers with a set of online courses.

This tool can provide assistance across various areas like financing, programming, monetizing, promotion, products, etc. It is a Multi-Channel Network or MCN, which asks you to pay 40% of your YouTube channel’s total generated revenue in return for its services.

Final Words

So, these are a few important tools you should know as a creator. No matter whether you are a new or experienced creator, always remember, the quality of your content must be over the number of videos you upload in a week. On top of it, trying these efficient tools will give your videos a professional look.

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