TubeBuddy Review: How to Get More Traffic on YouTube in 2023

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YouTubers often assume that having billions of followers on their YouTube channel may increase the count of views of their videos taking a lot of time. However, there is another way you can make your view-count grow quickly by using TubeBuddy. It is an innovative software platform that significantly improves the way you post your videos on YouTube, which in turn can increase the visibility of your channel across YouTube.

TubeBuddy Review: How to Use It?

All you have to integrate the TubeBuddy application with your YouTube Channel and it will show you the analytics and performance of your videos. Both chrome and Firefox is compatible to install its extension. Then you need to create an account and log in. Next, you have to access the YouTube dashboard to find a completely new layout. There you will find several checkboxes to make sure that your channel must do well.

TubeBuddy Review

TubeBuddy Review: Features That You Will Love to Explore

With the TubeBuddy optimization toolkit, you will be able to set the taglines, keywords, title, and improve the search visibility of each content on your channel. Moreover, there are more than 65 features to boost your videos, and in this review content, you will see the breakdown of the major features of this YouTube marketing tool that you will love.

The Keyword Explorer and Upload Suit:

With TubeBuddy upload suit, you will get connected to your YouTube upload page. Here you will find a lot of things to try- just like the keyword explorer. It is one of the powerful features that has made TubeBuddy worth trying. All you have to do just type the video idea into the search box and it will tell you the related keywords that have high search volumes. It will also show you what’s trending.

You will find overall score indicators there and if the score stands “poor”, it means the keyword is highly competitive, i.e. it gets lots of potential views. So, as soon as you create an amazing piece of content, you will be caught by the YouTube algorithm. One thing you must remember that the goal should not be achieving the rank in the search result but to appear in the suggested views. And, with the TubeBuddy, you can make it happen.

Suggested Tags:

It will make your channel content optimization more perfectly. The suggested tags got embedded into the video upload page and gives you the suggestion based on the main keywords.

Advanced Videolytics:

Want to explore how videos of other channels are performing? Well, with advanced videolytics, you can take a deep look into the rankings and tags of other videos. You will easily get to know how other YouTubers have used their tags and later you can incorporate them into your video.

Video A/B Testing:

In TubeBuddy’s legend plan, you will find the A/B testing feature, which is an ultimate tool to gain millions of views. With this feature, you can compare different thumbnails and titles on the same video and can see which one performs better. All you need to give TubeBuddy two different thumbnails and titles and TubeBuddy will change them on an alternate day to give you a measure of what’s working as best for you.

You will get a report, in the end, showing the click-through rates for each and you can select the one which is performing better for you.

Bulk Processing:

With this feature, you can save your time, which in turn gives you the opportunities to make money from that. Here is the what bulk processing feature does for you-

  • Change your video thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and titles in bulk.
  • Change cards in bulk.
  • Update end screens in bulk.

So, if you want to update the video description of 100+ videos from a library to include some content about your new offerings, then this feature can make the changes across the entire video library. It is super easy and saves a lot of time without the need of changing each video description manually.

Comment Moderation:

With the growth of your channel, interaction with your viewers and commentators become necessary. And, at this time, the comment moderation feature becomes essential to save your time. Right from sorting to replying fast to your viewers’ comments using canned responses, highlighting comments from recent subscribers and supporters- you can do it all with this tool.

Publish to Facebook:

A lot of YouTubers used to share their YouTube videos on their Facebook page to get more traffic. However, with TubeBuddy, it is possible to upload YouTube videos directly over Facebook. With this feature, you will get Facebook’s autoplay feature to collect more views from Facebook as well.

Opportunity Finder:

When it comes to getting more views from Google instead of YouTube, there are some suggested tags to increase your web-search traffic. As soon as you add those tags, your videos will have potential to increase the rankings on Google.

Auto Translator:

Want to translate your video title and description into other languages? With an auto translator, it is possible to translate the video descriptions easily to reach global viewership.

Best Time to Publish:

In the past, content marketers used to analyze the current time zones and geography of the followers to decide the right time to publish. Using TubeBuddy’s deep analytics, you will get to know the optimal time to upload your content based on the audience’s behavior. This will also help you to get your videos into the YouTube algorithm.

Competitor Scorecard:

Want to get a competitive report on your channel against your competitors? Well, with this feature, you will get monthly views, subscribers, monthly uploads, and engagement of your YouTube content.

Health Report:

Want to get an overall look at how your channel is working? With a health report from TubeBuddy, you will get a quick glance at search traffic, analytics, video watch time, and related videos. As a whole, you will understand what’s working and what’s not working for you.

Social Monitor:

Want to check how your channel content is being shared and talked about? Well, with Social Monitor, you can check what people are saying about your video across Pinterest, Reddit and Twitter. Hence, there will be no need to search your videos manually across social networks to see how they are being spread.

Upload Checklist:

Sometimes it happens that we forget steps in the upload process. Well, it won’t be a problem anymore. TubeBuddy will tick off 9 best practices every time you upload a video.

Brand Alerts:

With this feature, you will get alerts about your brand. TubeBuddy will scan for videos that will be using the brand name in the title, tags, and description. You can also use it to keep watching your competitors against the keywords you like.

Thumbnail Generator:

Want to generate Thumbnails for your channel uploads? Since tools like photoshop is quite complicated to create a perfect thumbnail, you can use thumbnail creator of Tubebuddy to create a perfect thumbnail.

Channel Valuation:

Want to know the worth of your brand? With this channel valuation feature, you can check how much to charge for brand deals. Soon after connecting it to SocialBlueBook, you will get to know about monthly views, average traffic per video, total subscribers. This in turn lets you know how much you can charge for a dedicated video. You will also have an idea that whether your channel is doing great or not.


Want to get some deep insights into your competitor’s channel? With this tool, you can compare your monthly views and tags. All you need to visit other channels and click on the channelytics tab.

Demonetization Audit:

Did you know a simple error in the title, tags or description can cause you the loss? It will be frustrating if you put so much effort into a video and later discover that one or a few words in your description were inappropriate. Even if YouTube audits make it seem appropriate, you will lose the initial earnings soon after uploading the content.

Final Words

So, these were some outstanding features of TubeBuddy that you won’t regret investing in for your video content marketing. Apart from the perks of these features, you will get the advantage of discounted access to audio hero, discounted editing software, JukeDuke, YouTube captioning, and a lot. And, if you are new to TubeBuddy, you must go for the Pro Plan. It’s quite cheap that starts at $9/month and only $4.50/month if you have less than 1000 subscribers. You will get all the main features with some limitations. Down the line, when your channel will be making enough profit, you can upgrade to the legend plan later.

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