Unbounce Review: Best Landing Page Builder in 2023

Welcome to my Unbounce Review!

When it comes to improving the marketing of your business, landing is probably the first one that pops into our heads. Landing pages can be said as one of the trickiest aspects. Most marketers value and understand the importance of landing pages. This is what has led to the immense growth of popularity of the landing page builders.

When it comes to finding out a valuable marketing asset for a great online marketing campaign, landing pages will be the first thing to come into marketers’ minds. Do you know why? It is because this is the place where most of the conversions take place.

However, to catalyze the conversion rate, you will need to be backed with a great landing page builder. Only this will be your secret weapon to improve the conversion and design of the landing pages. This is why we will talk about Unbounce today.

Unbounce is no doubt one of the amazon landing page building software present in the market that has tons of features integrated with it. Therefore just to help you get a broader view of the software, let us check this review.

Unbounce Review

Here I will try to include every specific detail that will help you to understand and probably by the end of the article you will be able to decide.

Unbounce Review: History of Unbounce:

Unbounce first bounced in the market back in 2009 when the market was hardly accustomed to the term landing pages. They started off with very short and limited team members and now Unbounce has become a leading platform.

With a team of more than 175 team members – knowledgeable, friendly, caring, and talented, Unbounce is able to cater to the needs of the marketers. Being one of the fastest-growing companies, this brand never forgets to care for its customers.

Their unparalleled hard work and strong core values have led them to work with some of the business giants in the world. Today, this brand is able to take pride in saying that they have successfully converted half a billion conversions for their customers.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce can be said as one of the best landing page builders that can become helpful for marketers to create landing pages within minutes. Even when you hardly have any knowledge of this landing page builder, the builder makes it simple for you.

With the endless features included in this builder, it lets you create the pages. With the amazing landing pages that it can build, powerful integration, and conversion tracking tools, now anyone can use the software and enjoy the multitude of benefits. This is more than just a landing page builder.

Who Can Use Unbounce?

Unbounce is known as one of the best landing page builders. The brand is able to create unparalleled fame and name in the market with a range of advantages and features. Anyone who is willing to promote their business or services or products can use this software.

This can be a great inclusion for the marketers of all levels, small businesses, large enterprises, and everyone who is looking forward to improving the conversions. Only with this software will you be able to invest less time in marketing yet enjoy a huge range of benefits.

Why Do You Need Unbounce?

In the current market condition when the competition has elevated to a huge extent, Unbounce has definitely become a great way for marketers. Since marketers are always in search of ways to improve the conversation rates, Unbunce fits perfectly in their puzzle.

Most of the time, even when they have access to a lot of software, they are not able to perform better because they are unable to understand the way it works. However, Unbounce can become a savior for the marketers and in their endeavors.

Unbounce is a great platform for marketers that offer them to develop landing pages that do not require any high-end coding. Even the markets can easily ruin the A/B tests on the pages in order to find which can become a great choice for their audience. This offers them insight into finding a guaranteed way to improve conversion.

Unbounce is one such name that enables creating landing pages in just a few minutes. Yes! You heard it right. It does not need any coding or development skills. All you need is to have knowledge of your needs and requirements and the software will bring it up for you.

Benefits of Choosing Unbounce:

Unbounce is a great platform for marketers who are willing to improve their marketing ability. Since landing pages are a great way to improve your promotion, Unbounce can be a great choice. Here you will get a huge number of benefits.

  • Get access to over 100 landing pages
  • Infinite domains and users
  • Dynamic text replacement that can become helpful in PPC
  • SSL encryption
  • Hundreds of stock photos
  • GDPR compliance
  • Mobile-friendly landing pages
  • Can publish 8 sticky bars and popups
  • Can publish a minimum of 75 landing pages every month

Features of Unbounce:

No double that landing pages are a weapon of successful marketing and therefore Unbounce has left no stones unturned to help you get the best. The tons of features included in it make it a valuable platform for marketers.

  • Drag and Drop builder: Despite you not being great at technology, the easy drag and drop builder helps you to add, customize, or remove the elements in the landing pages.
  • Clone and edit pages: Every effort that you put in creating the landing can be a tragedy if everything goes to waste. Therefore keeping a clone of the pages can help you to cut the tome and save time by eliminating repetitive tasks.
  • 100+ templates: You can actually create a template without even wasting time on creating them. Unbounce has more than 100 templates prebuilt for you to use. These are created with the only agenda to improve the conversions.
  • Copy/Paste Pages: Once you have done the customization that you need on the page, you have the freedom to simply cut the elements and paste them on other pages. This will offer faster results compared to tweaking every page.
  • Control on design: You have the permission to customize all the elements that you have in the landing page to make it perfect for the campaign. There are absolutely no limitations to it.
  • Fonts: you can access from the 950 google typefaces available in this landing page builder.
  • Unlimited stick images: With Unbounce, you can use the stock image of Unsplash and use it to create anything you use that can improve the conversions.
  • Customize the pixels and scripts: You can add the CSS, HTML, javaScript on the landing pages if required.
  • Use a custom domain for publishing: The landing page can be published on the customized URL or domain and then you can integrate them seamlessly with your existing campaigns. If you want to improve your reach, this can be the best way.
  • You can publish in the WordPress Website: The best part about the Unbounce landing pages is that with just a click of the WordPress plugin, you can publish the popups or landing pages on the WordPress website. Setting up is extremely simple and you can stay assured that it will boost the conversion.

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What Makes Unbounce A Lot Different From Its Competitors?

Unbounce is known for the array of features and integrations that one can do with it. This is a great landing page-building software that will help you to get the most out of it.

Being someone who has used many landing page builders, I would definitely recommend Unbounce as this is one of the best platforms that can become helpful to design converting and beautiful landing pages. Apart from that, you will also be getting some of the most amazing features which truly can be a great partner for anyone.

To be more precise, this is a landing page builder that is more than just what it says. The freedom it offers on the design makes it a recommended and great choice.

What else can be done with Unbounce?

Unbounce can be said to be one of the top landing page builders available in the market. As I have mentioned before, this is more than just a landing page as the platform has some of the most amazing features that make it beyond what the name says. Some of the features included in it make it a great tool for improving conversions.

Why is it said to be more than a builder? Because of the following reviews:

Landing Pages:

As we all know this is a great landing page builder with the drag and drop feature that lets you edit the landing page pretty easily. You will be able to create many landing pages as you need for your promotion.

Sticky bars and popups:

You can create the customized popups and sticky bars pretty easily for generating and collecting leads. This can be a great move for your business.

A/B Testing:

You can figure the variant A/B on the page to improve the conversion.

Analytic and reports:

You have the access to get the customized reports of the performance happening on the landing page. This can also become helpful in making the right decision for your business.

Dynamic text Replacement:

You have the freedom to match the content on your landing page to what the people are searching for. This can help to find relevancy and in turn improve the conversions among visitors. Since you are using the most asked queries, it will show you when they will look for relevant answers.

Smart Traffic:

This is the AI-powered tool included in the software to optimize conversions. This is something that sends traffic to relevant landing pages which improves the conversion and the time spent on the page.

AMP Landing pages:

Now you don’t have to be an expert in building or customizing the AMP landing pages. Unbounce will let you build AMP landing pages that will load 85% faster compared to mobile-responsive pages. Since speed has a direct influence on the conversion rate, AMP landing pages are a great decision.

Lead form:

One of the easiest ways of capturing the contacts of the potential customers who are coming to the landing pages with the lead form. You can get this from Unbounce which makes it an amazing tool when it about send the follow-up emails to those who did some activities on the website but the conversion is yet to happen.

Multi-step form:

You can easily create the two-step customized forms making use of the inbuilt feature of this software.


You have the freedom to add the customized countdown widget on the Unbounce landing page. This can be a great inclusion for promotions and one-time deals.

Thank you page:

This can be helpful to redirect the visitors who have filled the form successfully. The thank-you page that you can customize is a sign of acknowledgment.

Light box:

Now with Unbounce, you can create a customized lightbox pretty easily that can help you to capture the leads.

Scroll or fade in:

You have the freedom to use the features like fade-in scroll to make the landing pages even better. Your viewers will find interest in your content and will lead to conversion.

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Pros & Cons of Unbounce:

Now that you have got a comprehensive idea about the capabilities and offers of Unbounce, let us have a quick look at the pros and cons of this software.

Unbounce Pros (Advantages)Unbounce Cons (Disadvantages)
User-friendly softwareCustomer support can be availed of only in the business hours
Drag and drop builderLimited integrations
Mobile responsive landing pages
Templates can be customized
Powerful optimization tools like the A/B testing and Smart Traffic
Amazing customer support
Ample documentation about its usage is available for self-help

Unbounce Pricing:

Keeping the budget of people in mind, Unbounce has offered four different levels of pricing which will become helpful for your business at every stage. These are Launch, Optimize, Accelerate and Scale.

You must know that the pricing depends on the unique visitors, conversions, and other advanced features that come with it. Therefore it is a need for the people to understand their goals first and then choose a pricing model for the best conversion.

So here I have included a table and a breakdown to help you get a better understanding of how much you will get from your investment.

Name of The PlanPriceConversionsUnique visitors

Even when there is a limitation with the traffic and lead generation. The pricing model of Unbounce is truly worth noting. Besides, the great features integrated into this software make it a great choice for businesses to improve their leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it true that Unbounce can improve conversion?

Yes! This is true that Unbounce can increase the conversion rate to a definite extent. No wonder that they are around for more than a decade now and now being a reputed brand that includes AI in the features along with others make sure that the landing pages work perfectly fine. The inclusion of A/B testing helps to find out what works for your audience and whatnot.

Besides, there are other features included in this software that makes it a great choice for people. This can actually improve the conversion to a better extent.

Is it free?

Unbounce does not offer free service but you can still go for the 14 day of trial option to check if this platform suits your diverse needs. You can explore the features included in this software and enjoy creating amazing landing pages.

What is Unbounce used for?

Unbounce is a great platform that is generally used for creating customized landing pages, sticky bars, popups. This actually helps to improve the conversions. The tons of features integrated into it along with the responsive designs make this a great choice for the people.

Can I get an API from Unbounce?

Yes! This is one of those amazing software that comes with a fantastic API. With their new release of version 0.4, you can actually enjoy the range of benefits.

Can I get an affiliate program from Unbounce?

Yes! You can use the affiliate program of Unbounce and get the opportunity to get a 20% commission from it every month.

Unbounce Alternatives:

No doubt Unbounce is one of the fantastic landing page builders available in the market but if you are looking forward to finding alternatives to this software, here are some of them.


This is the first one in the row that is known for being the best online sales funnel which can become helpful for the business to improve their sales, marketing, and improving products online. This is a simple yet one of the most useful tools that can improve your online marketing. The range of plugins comes with these funnels that can be useful for a range of businesses and products.

Primary features include:

  • You can create funnels including webinar funnels, membership funnels, and hangout funnels
  • Email integration features with email marketing systems
  • Various selling options like order pages, upsell and downsell pages
  • A/B split testing methods

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Instapage is perhaps the next best one in the lust that comes with the impeccable power of converting the visitors into your potential customers. Making you use the landing pages and the popups this software can become a great choice in the life of marketers. The best part about the software is that it is fully dedicated to creating landing pages.

  • Great email marketing platforms can be integrated like Hubspot, Salesforce, and MailChimp
  • Heatmap integration helps you check the number of visitors
  • Responsible landing pages
  • A huge number of templates available to use
  • A/B split testing

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This is another landing page builder that can be said to be a tough competitor of Unbounce. This is a practical and simple lead generation tool that offers you a chance to create appealing and attractive popups. You can also sort templates depending on the conversion rate. Some of the most common features of this software.

  • There are tons of templates that can be used to create landing pages
  • Can use of the service of the email service providers
  • A/B Split testing
  • Fully mobile responsive landing pages

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Up To You:

Unbounce is a known landing page builder which can be used by people who are looking to improve their marketing approach. The customizable templates and other features that one can include with this tool can make sure to improve the conversion. This can be a great choice for businesses of all sizes and shapes, however, make sure to choose the pricing as per your need and conversion number.

I would definitely ask everyone looking forward to improving the conversion to choose Unbounce and enjoy its benefits.

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