VidToon Review: Easiest Video Animation Software in 2023

Welcome to my VidToon Review!

This is a fact that 80% of the people get persuaded to buy a product or service and 68% of the people are convinced to buy a software or application after watching a good attractive video. So, this is how much a video is important to hike your business. An attractive video can easily catch audiences’ attention and give them a brief and better understanding of the product in a very less time. So, you can understand that a video plays quite a major role in promoting your business. So here, VidToon is one that can help to reach your target without much effort and cost.

VidToon is one of the most used and popular video animated software that let layman users create animated videos very easily within a minute. With ready-made motion graphics, animated characters, text-to-speech, music, and other various options and a lot more features help to make this software the ultimate video marketing tool.

VidToon is such software that does not require any professional to use this; it does not require any technical skills to create a video. This animation video maker only requires a drag-and-drop option to create any video, which makes it eye-catching and presentable within a minute.

The animated videos created by this software VidToon have the capability to capture and engage a targeted audience.

And moreover, you can create animated videos at a very minimal cost. VidToon helps you to save the money which you would spend to create a video by a professional. You can either create tutorial videos, explainer videos, or advertise or sell with VidToon software.

Vidtoon Review

VidToon Review: Overview

With this animation video software VidToon, you can create and very quickly deliver your marketing ideas and campaign you have. It is very simple; you just need to drag and drop your items wherever you need to have in the video. In the software, you can have a perfect pixel placement wherein you can put any objects wherever you want. There are nearly 25 animated characters, 35 HD Backgrounds, 250 graphics, transitions, text-to-speech options and 200+ royalty-free music tracks, and a lot more.

VidToon Review: About Creator

The video animation software VidToon is created by Cindy Donovan, who is a proud Aussie mother of two teenagers, a self-professed geek, a world traveler, and a successful Internet Marketer.

In her 13+ years of online marketing career, she had created several award-winning software tools that changed millions of people’s lives in an easier faster, and simpler way.

VidToon Review: Older Version

VidToon 1.0 was created and launched on 20th April 2020. Like other animation creation software, this is nothing different but has various other features that make it different from others. VidToon works fast and does not need much time to create any video. Get into it and get it done. A large quantity of royalty-free music tracks, HD backgrounds, and music files just with a click away.

VidToon 2.0 Review: What is it?

VidToon is a drag and drops 2D video animation desktop-based software. This software can be used both in Windows and MAC.

Usage of VidToon software is as smooth as a breeze. You can simply drag and drop objects on the screen and create animated videos from scratch. You can place any object anywhere, there is no lock to it.

VidToon 2.0 animation video software comes with more than 25+ characters, each one with 20 animations, 100+ FHD cartoon backgrounds, 200+ modern royalty-free music tracks, and a lot more which make creating impressive and fantastic animated videos a lot easier.

VidToon 2.0 Review: Features

  • In VidToon 2.0 you can create videos that are up to 20 minutes. This is very important because the previous version had 3 minutes limit.
  • A to B automatic movement of an object.
  • This has the capability to swipe an object’s orientation.
  • Inside and outside transitions.
  • The smart positioning of items that we drag and drop to the screen.
  • This software supports multilingual text for example Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, and a lot more.
  • Has the ability to export videos in full HD.
  • Google and Microsoft text-to-speech ability.
  • Zoom in and zoom out camera features.
  • Included commercial license
  • You can add your own audio files and images to customize your video.
  • Can add stock images, GIFs, and icons.

VidToon 2.0 Review: Benefits

  • 1000+ FHD images and audio files are included in the library, which is free to use.
  • With this VidToon video animation software, you don’t need to spend hours creating a video. It takes less than a minute to create a simple video.
  • Different kinds of animated characters are included in the software, which mostly covers every kind of scenario and background and the niche you want to include in the video.
  • It does not have any hassle of paying a fee every month, once downloaded it is good to go as long as you want.
  • VidToon 2.0 comes with amazing pixel positioning, which allows you to put objects exactly where you want to put them on the screen.
  • This software has a text-to-speech option which is provided by Google and Microsoft to provide your videos with realistic sound.
  • Many brand awareness.
  • Simple and powerful technology.
  • 100% guaranteed for customer engagement.
  • Projection of powerful market image.
  • Several times tried and tested the content creation tool.
  • And moreover, the usage of this software is risk-free.

VidToon 2.0 Review: Pricing

You don’t need to cut your legs or arms to get this cutting-edge content creator. Currently, VidToon 2.0 is being offered at a one-time price of $49 for lifetime access. Even at a no-cost installation, you can get a multi-install license.

VidToon Deluxe (Template Club)

This requires an extra charge of $67/month or $149/ yearly. At this price, you can access all premium items and features available in the software which are mentioned in the VidToon templates club upgrade section.


The voice enables you to generate voice-to-text from 60+ languages and 600+ voices. One benefit of this is that the up-gradation cost is a one-time payment of $49.


The Streamr option allows you to translate your videos automatically, you can in fact add subtitles and stream them, and this has a one-time cost of $49 for lifetime access.

VidToon 2.0 Review: Pros and Cons

VidToon 2.0 Pros (Advantages)

• VidToon software is very simple and easy to use.
• This does not need any previous knowledge to create animated video content in this software.
• One-time payment and hassle-free usage lifetime.
• Royalty-free audio tracks are available for free.
• There is in fact a marketplace from where you can get access to other background images and pictures.
• Template, pictures, videos, and a lot more available for free.
• VidToon software can be used in both Mac and Windows.

VidToon 2.0 Cons (Disadvantages)

• Not many options for video exporting
• Not many animations for characters

VidToon 2.0 Review: Alternatives

Viddyoze 3.0

Viddyoze is a user-friendly; cloud-based 3D animation video-creating software, first launched in 2015. This is fully automatic video animation software and has more those 260+ professional templates that allow you to create videos that look more professional. This includes logo stings, outros, action teasers, lower thirds, and much more.


Viddyoze has several new features. This includes:

  • Template club: this software has more than 700+ templates which can be used by using template club membership.
  • Cloud-based technology: This means this software is in the cloud. Anyone and anywhere it can be used. It does not require downloading or installing any software.
  • 3D Animation: With this software, anyone can create professional videos in a minute, and creating a 3D video does not require any expert help.
  • Seamless Transition: With a seamless transition feature, you have the opportunity to create a seamless video without any transition ahead of the curve.
  • Movie Filter: This has an amazing feature of light effects, film grain lens flare, and much more which makes your video looks more like a professional one.


Animaker is DIY (Do It Yourself) animation software that can be used for business, marketing, professional and personal videos with a variety of styles. This is one of the fastest-growing SaaS product companies in the sector of content and video making with more than 8+ million users using it in 220+ countries. One basic advantage of using Animaker is that it is completely web-based; it does not require downloading or installing any software. This is quite simple and easy to get started with it. It has a simple drag and drops option which allows you to edit/ copy any elements and has a different variety of templates to kick start your video.


Presentation features:
  1. Audio Content
  2. Customizable Templates
  3. Video Content
  4. Animation and Transition
  5. Collaboration Tools
  6. Media Library
  7. Offline Presenting
  8. Search/Filter
Video Editing features:
  1. Brand Overlay
  2. Supports HD Resolution
  3. Media Library
  4. Video Capture
  5. Audio Tools
  6. Collaboration
  7. Social Sharing
  8. Text Overlay
Video Making features
  1. Animation
  2. Customizable Branding
  3. Media Library
  4. Social Sharing
  5. Text Overlay
  6. Video Capture
  7. Video Editing
  8. Collaboration Tools
  9. Drag and Drop
  10. Privacy Options
  11. Templates
  12. Text to Video
  13. Video Creation
  14. Voice-Over
Video Management features:
  1. Social Sharing
  2. Brand Overlay
  3. Privacy Options


AvatarBuilder is a brand new launched AI-Based Technology that helps to create and customize 3D characters in order to convey your message to the audience in a fun and interesting way.

This software has a unique facility of fully customizing characters that can change the color and looks of hair, skin tone, clothing accessories, and other options, having a wide range of footwear, bags, eyeglass, vest watches, and others.

So with this software, you can very easily create a 3D video that is fascinating, enjoyable and unbelievable to use, and presentable to all. If you are a YouTuber, Content Creator, Freelancer, or Online Marketer, you can try out this fantastic software once.


  • Artificial Intelligence Based Technology allows any text to convert into stunning videos.
  • One of the world’s first customized 3D Avatar Builders for effortless video creation.
  • Unlimited video rendering without any limit.
  • Has the exceptional quality of 720P HD videos.
  • Has the capability to add a watermark to your videos, so that your work stays protected.
  • Exact speech-to-text transcription turns any audio to text in any multilingual language.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can this software be installed on various other computers?

Yes; you can install it on 10 other computers but you need to contact customer care to avail of the service.

Does it work on Mac or Windows?

Yes; this is a cross-platform software, it works seamlessly on MAC and Windows (32/64) both.

What is the basic difference between VidToon 1.0 and VidToon 2.0?

VidToon 2.0 comes with a brand new interface:
– Zoom In/ Zoom Out feature
– Various timelines instead of one single timeline
– Supports multilingual speech-to-text facility; including Hebrew, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and many more.
– Unlimited usage of stock images, GIFs, and icons.
– Increase the length of the video from 3 minutes to 25 minutes.
– Supports full HD instead of HD for VidToon 1.0
– Improvement in bugs and speed optimization.
– Better animation and transition quality

Does it support other languages like Arabic?

Yes; it supports multilingualism.

What happens if VidToon 3, 4, or 5 come up? Are we automatically UPGRADING the next versions?

Yes; all customers will get both updates and upgrades. The reason is that the company is running an LTD offer.

I have a video on Pro from StackCommerce. Is it possible to upgrade to VidToon 2.0?

No; StackCommerce offers VidToon 1.0 which is totally different and new product from VidToon 2.0.

Can I upload my own character to the software in .mov or .mp4 format?

Yes; you can upload your own images, background, and music tracks.

Do I have to pay to acquire additional characters or backgrounds or is it all included?

In case you require more content (for example images, backgrounds, or music tracks), you can either purchase them from the marketplace or you can upgrade to the Club and receive monthly content.

Does it have any money-back guarantee?

Yes; a 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter whatever the reason is.


Here comes the end of my VidToon review, and now you have to decide whether you want to purchase the software or not. In short, it is great animated software for all content creators, YouTubers, and freelancers out there. This software is equally important for generating sales and targeting a large number of audiences across the globe.

This VidToon 2.0 looks even better with a wide variety of added features which makes it unique and user-friendly. The best part is that the whole software comes up with a one-time offer. At an investment of $49, you can get access to the whole VidToon 2.0-lifetime license. This allows you to work from anywhere and anytime in the world. Even you get a multi-installation license. It’s just like icing on the cake.

With so many unique features this character-making animated software makes video not only easy but also cuts costs for every organization.

I feel you should try out the VidToon 2.0 software. It has a high chance of expanding your business and campaign to a different level.

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