A Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing in 2023

It was 2005 when the video streaming platform YouTube was launched and now this is one of the powerful marketing tools used by a lot of digital marketers nowadays. Since its inception, it has now reached a user count of more than 1 billion. Did you know 11% of the total global video traffic is generated from YouTube?

Well, video content has made a surge in 2022 and turned into a new norm in content marketing. So, if you wish to dominate your industry through digital marketing there is nothing better than YouTube marketing. However, the way towards getting success in YouTube marketing is quite challenging nowadays. Every day you will find a lot of fresh content, where it becomes hard to make your own mark.

So, how should you use YouTube to market your brand in 2022? Find this insightful YouTube Marketing guide here step by step-

YouTube Marketing Guide

Create YouTube Channel for Business:

A YouTube channel is essential if you want to start marketing for your brand. When creating a channel, instead of using a basic Google Account, you should use Google Brand Account.

Ask why? Well, if you use your personal Google Account to create a YouTube channel for your brand, then only you can log into the channel. On the other hand, the use of a Brand Account to create a YouTube channel can give access to other Google account holders to access the channel.

YouTube channel creation

Step #1 Open YouTube and log into your Google account. There you will find the account module and select “My Channel”.

Step #2 Next, you will get a drop-down menu, where you can select the option to create a new channel. From there, click on the “use a business or other name” option.

Step #3 Now, you will be asked to create a brand account. Just after entering the account name, click on the “create” icon, and your YouTube channel is ready.

Step #4 If you want to give access to your YouTube Brand Account channel to other members of your team, just hit the Google account icon appearing on the top right side and open the menu. There you will find a “Settings” option, where you can add or remove managers.

Step #5 Next to it, just click on “Manage permission.”

Step #6 You will find people icon in the upper right corner.

Step #7 Next, you have to add the Gmail address of the people, who you want to give access and choose their role accordingly.

Owners, managers, and communication managers are the 3 roles you will find on YouTube. Owners will get the full editing rights over the channel’s Google account. Managers will get the access same as the owners but they can’t manage page roles and listings later. On the other hand, the communication manager is only responsible to respond to the comments and reviews of the video.

YouTube Channel Optimization:

As soon as you create the YouTube channel for your brand, next, it comes to customize it. So, when it comes to personalizing the channel, the first thing you have to do is adding your unique channel icon and channel art. These are the things people will notice first as soon as they will visit your channel. To make your channel stand out and recognizable, you have to use images that will be relatable to your brand message. You can do this by clicking on the “Customize Channel” tab.

As soon as you are done with the channel icon and channel art, you have to update the “About” section. Here, you have to put the details like a description of your channel, email address, links of your social account, and business website.

Now it comes to customizing the YouTube channel, which will determine how the channel will appear to those who have subscribed to the channel and to those who haven’t. You will find the customization option next to the subscribe button. Make sure that the “Customize the layout of your Channel” option is ON throughout and hit the save button after making all the changes. To create a better impression, add a channel trailer.

Add Video Title, Descriptions and Tags to the Video:

As soon as you have a YouTube channel for your brand, you can start uploading your videos on it. But there is no guarantee that your videos will get as much view as you are expecting. That is why you must optimize the video with the title and description to promote your YouTube channel. Both the title and description part can be optimized with keywords to get your video in front of the ideal audience.

YouTube Thumbnail Design:

Want to attract more viewers to your video and make them click instantly? Well, thumbnails can make that happen. An attractive thumbnail, short description, and images together can enhance the effectiveness of the video. Since small-sized video tends to pixelate, it is advised to use video sizes from 1280Ă—720 to 1920Ă—1080. There must be high-resolution JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIF images.

Have a Clear Understanding of Your Audience:

You must conduct research on the audiences of your YouTube channel. Before that, you should know that YouTube has over 1 billion active monthly users on the Internet to watch YouTube Videos. It means, there are potential leads to be your customers and to win their confidence, you have to know them closely. It will help you know their preferences and create videos for YouTube accordingly.

To make the task simple, YouTube analytics simplifies your audience research. YouTube channel for business comes with several statistics and insights that will help you to know the audience behavior. The types of content that the audiences prefer and how much time they spend on your channel- are a few parameters to garner the vital information for your channel. It will also help you to respond to their comments and have a proper grip on your audience.

Competitor Analysis:

Apart from audience research, you may have to build a proper YouTube Marketing strategy based on the deep insight into competitors. The competition around you can give you an idea about where do you stand currently in the market and how to gain an edge. And just like audience analysis, YouTube has enough tools to do competitor analysis.

All you have to do is to go to a competitor’s YouTube channel and analyze the content they have uploaded. Moreover, you can check the comment section to understand what their audiences liked most. Don’t forget to check the description section of your YouTube video and find how they have boosted that with keywords.

Brand your YouTube Channel:

Did you know 70% of the video recommendations on YouTube are generated by algorithms? Moreover, active users tend to look for new content and channels. Hence, the branding of your channel is necessary. When branding your business through a YouTube channel, you should use your Logo as a channel icon.

Next to it, make your video easy to find with optimized video descriptions and titles. Besides optimizing the video description, don’t forget to add an informative bio about your company to enhance the personality of your brand. This, in turn, can instill the interest of your audience.

To enhance your YouTube marketing efforts, here are a few strategies to discuss-

  • Keep the videos short
  • Create call-to-actions
  • Schedule your video in advance
  • Create playlist
  • Translate your videos
  • Advertise on YouTube

Lastly, you must know success in YouTube marketing needs constant efforts and you can’t just stop just after creating the channel. You should approach any of the best YouTube video creators in the market, who will use these marketing efforts mentioned above and keep experimenting with strategies. Experts also keep an eye on the latest video marketing trends and try to incorporate them into your marketing strategies. But, whatever you do, stick to your brand value and make sure the content of your channel resonates with the ideology of your brand.

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